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Missing hero weapons

Wanted hero weapons that unlock at hero gem level 40 but nothing?
Got hero to gem level 41 and nothing ? No weapon unlocks?
Checked wiki says weapons unlock at hero gem level but still no weapon unlocks after hero gem level 41? I.E. No golden cog?

Golden Cog unlocks when Red & Yellow Masteries are at level 40.
This same rule applies to all level 40 Mastery weapons.

Which ones, and could they be in your mail box?

zefore has it. The numbers you see in the hero tab are tallies that combine the–base mastery level, I guess–with other bonuses. The 40 mastery unlocks happen when the numbers you see on the leveling up screen reach 40.

My hero gem masteries are now 42 each and still no level 40 weapon unlocks, my total gem masteries including kingdom and guild are over 100 for each gem color.
Nothing in mailbox so its a bug.

Sent in support ticket

On the XBOX One at least, there seems to be a problem unlocking any red-based Hero weapons in particular. If there is a red-mana based weapon in the unlock queue which isn’t showing up, it sometimes prevents all subsequent weapons from popping, too.

I have submitted two tickets so far on this issue. The first one was for Head Cleaver and Prismatic Orb both failing to show up at mana level 25. The latest is Summer’s Fury which should have unlocked for reaching hero level 30.

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