Missing alot of wepons

Im level 143 and most my masteries are above 20. Was looking through my wepons and noticed i have a bunch missing compared to what i should have unlocked. Seem alot of red combo. They are all but 1 above 20 mastery , without guild bonuses ( with guild im in or near 60+) is there way to get these missing wepons ???

Submitting a ticket to support would be the best option. They should be able to help deal with this kind of thing.

You can report issues here: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us or console is also supported by 505Games, and you can submit a ticket to them here: http://support.505games.com/support/tickets/new

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Could you name a weapon that didn’t unlock and your corresponding mastery level? Just in case this isn’t clear, for unlocking weapons only your base masteries matter, bonus masteries (e.g. from guild, kingdom or hero class) don’t count.

Golden cog is one of em off top my head. All hero masteries are above 20.
Ill check for list again and which ones i have.

Golden Cog requires 40 Fire and 40 Air, your base masteries won’t be that high until roughly level 240.

Sorry . Must been reading an old list. Swore said 20 on masteries. But its
40. Very sorry to waste time. List i read was waaaaay off .

Sorry google search sucks lol. Bring up list waaaaay out dated

you can toggle on “show all” button on top when you browse weapon list in game, clicking any of the missing weapon should lead you to a short descriptions exactly what masteries are needed for the weapon to unlock, only your hero masteries unlocked from account level are taken into count here, no guild/kingdom etc bonuses (it says unlocked via events for anythign else then the masteries but sometimes it means its via class or quest)

cheers :slight_smile:

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Thank you on that info. Did not know that. Very helpful. Great support