Missing Cursed Gnome Bait from Legends Reborn rewards

After purchasing through tier V, for the second column (Avelorn’s Hound,) no cursed gnome bait was added to my inventory. Anyone else having this issue?

Are you sure you didnt play a PvP and then used it. That happened to me today. I did two PvP matches, got first the pet gnome bait then the cursed pet gnome bait after, automatically. Nothing I selected myself manually. Appartently that is how it works, I had no clue before today.


Why is it an auto use vs an option when you go to a battle?

So clearly the system just used it for me, but not the normal pet bait?

Pet Baits

There are two types of Pet Bait available:

  • Regular Pet Bait: Will be automatically consumed in your next PvP battle.
  • Cursed Gnome Bait: Is consumed in PvP or Explore.

There are 2 types of Pet Rescue Events:

  • Pet Rescues triggered by defeating a Pet gnome last for 1 hour
  • Scheduled Pet Rescues are run by the development team and last 24 hours.

Note: You cannot trigger a Pet Rescue event while a Scheduled Pet Rescue is running.


Thank you for the information which I already read. So why did it consume the cursed pet bait, which does not say it will specifically be consumed in the next battle and not consume the regular pet bait, which is stated to be automatically consumed, at least, in the second battle? My thought is because they were both added to the inventory at the same time, the code is written to only trigger one.

It appears the system is not following the explanation posted by customer support.

This was recently posted by Jeto:

Have you been doing PvP or Explore battles?

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