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Miss Gems of War 2018 Contest

What if Gems of War had a Ms/Mr Gems of War Contest.
Which Troop would you enter? (1 per player)
Which troop would win?

The winning troop would receive +1 to all stats, lvl 21 bonus lvl, and a special 4th trait of giving its player one of the following per game: +40 souls, +5000 gold, +1 Diamonds, or +1 gems.

The contest is now open. This contest is open to NON-Mythic troops only. Only the first 10 troops entered are eligible.

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I would vote Apothecary, she is a cheap cleanser and converter, and probably drives all the male dwarves up a wall.

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That’s an easy win for Hyndla. Not a real competition here.

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Queen Grapplepot is the best all-around choice.

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She does have some great assets to begin with…

Green Seer. She converts to green and doesn’t afraid of anything.

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Baba Yaga :heart:

Mercy. All. Day.

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I would enter Hellspawn. Diversity and stuff.

I enter War…
I know he is Mythic, but really… is he?

lets make him useful :yum:

Oh imagine the swimsuit comp uggggh

Medea is the obvious winner. She has varicose veins that are terrifying.

Close second: Sister of Shadows.

Third Place and Very Honorable Mention: Mercy

Can we enter Cyrup and Salty?

According to your rules, no.

So, these are the contestants:

  1. Apothecary
  2. Hyndia
  3. Queen Gapplepot
  4. Green Seer
  5. Baba Yaga
  6. Mercy
  7. Hellspawn
  8. Medea
  9. Sister of Shadows
  10. War (ok, I made an exception)

Next up the Art Competition.
Which of the above troop has the best art?
Now casts your votes. 1 per player

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Frost Archer. Hands down.

Because the artist drew with their feet.


Not a valid contestant. Invalid vote.

Maybe add a poll to your OP before starting a new contest here? :wink:


Why has no one entered Queen Mab?