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The 3rd GoW Forum Fantasy Series - Final Round: 7 vs 12

Welcome one and all to the Gems of War Forum Fantasy contest, series 3! Everyone is welcome to vote in each match and your vote will determine who wins and advances on to the next round. Here are some guidelines to follow when deciding on who to vote.

  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best of whatever? Is it Player vs Player or AI vs AI? You can choose, but always assume it is a fair fight.
  • Each troop and their rarity will be listed below. For exact stats, a link will be provided using @Lyya’s fantastic database application so you can see exactly what each troop can do, how strong they are, and other bonuses they may receive.
  • All troops are fully traited as well, so keep this in mind as it may not be reflected in the list.
  • Since the runner’s up match was conceded to kzinitwife, she automatically finishes third.

With that, let’s get onto the final match!

Final Round: #7 Bobomb vs. #12 Zelfore

User: @Bobomb

Banner: Abyssal Banner (+2 Purple Matches, +1 Red Match, -1 Yellow Match)

Troops and Position:
Golem (Rare)
Infernal King (Legendary)
Sheggra (Legendary)
Green Slime (Epic)



User: @Zelfore

Banner: Banner of Scales (+1 Red Match, +1 Blue Match)

Troops and Position:
Jarl Firemantle (Mythic)
Winter Knight (Ultra Rare)
Jackelope (Rare)
Queen Mab (Legendary)


  • Bobomb
  • Zelfore

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POLL ENDS: THURSDAY 6/23/16 at 12PM Central Time

Good luck one and all!


The final round! Be sure to vote everyone!


This is a tough one!

Has the Bomb been defused? Can his opponent hold a lead? All this and so much more, right here!

@Bobomb, @Zelfore, @Grimmorith (Cause every thread needs more Squirrel.)


The night would bring no rest to the nervous northern Fey. The indomitable queen of the frozen reaches of the world had felt the daemon army’s movements. The clash that would determine the fate of the land was nigh.

Queen Mab recalled with dread the previous time she had been forced to face the terrifying onslaught of the Infernal King. In a time before Fey dreams had been corrupted into Daemon nightmares, a mad sorceress had woven a spell of cataclysmic proportions that had broken the world. Through the breach flew the chaotic might of the infernal realms, until finally the Infernal King himself had set his burning claws on the cold earth. The Fey had been able to stem the tide of ash and brimstone at the cost of the life of her mother, the former queen.

Queen Mab had a plan, however. To counter the infernal flames, she had won herself a powerful ally. The lord of the flame giants, Jarl, would lead her army. Admittedly, he hadn’t come entirely willingly. But bewitching a brute was hardly a challenge, and it was for a greater cause. Jarl’s fiery hammer would smash the arch-daemon’s rocky foot soldiers before crushing its fell plans.

The rising sun revealed the infernal forces on the battlefield. The golems and slimes massed on the cold field. From above came a deafening roar. The Infernal King rode a living fireball, like a second sun scorching the air above the field. The burning beast stared down balefully at the flame giant. The wolves, knights and undead it had snacked on during the trip to the Glacial Peaks had merely whet its appetite. It was very much in the mood for a hot meal, followed by a cold dessert. After all, the world was a vast table, and in front of it lay a delightful buffet.

(This would’ve been up earlier but I only got the thread notification a few hours ago :frowning: - ah well)

Looks above.

Sigh. Sorry about that.

This one looks very close so I’m undecided on which way to Squirrel - I mean vote :wink:
Perhaps there would be some value in a persuasive argument being made…


I voted for Bobomb. Don’t underestimate that unfreezable, unburnable Golem.

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I’ll offer a quick snippet of defense before my opponent sets the field.

Golem (Priority #4):
+ Immune to Freeze/Burn, Half damage from Skulls.
- 7 Attack Frontline, Sheggra Blocker, 2 timed Spell shots for death.

Infernal King (Priority #1):
+ Fireproof, Great Skull Transformer/Powers Sheggra, Chance of Rebirth.
- High Mana Cost, High Attacker behind Golem (troop who won’t die easy), 2 timed Spell shots for death.

Sheggra (Priority #2):
+ Huge trait, Good Skull Transformer, good amount of Health.
- Half Mana Blocked, minor Skull Generation for a 7 Attack frontline.

Green Slime (Priority #3):
+ Purple Generator, Fast to fill, Can grow massively.
- Erases own gems color, possibly powers nothing (dead IK), sitting pretty in the back.

I honestly do find this team rather frightening, or at least I would’ve if Golem wasn’t leading the charge. Even when generating skulls there’s a good chance he’ll fail to take anything out.

Because a majority of my spells are targetable (or damage everyone), I can snipe through the back line while golem occasionally soaks up my Burns (along with Infernal King) and Freezes. But because Golem’s priority and threat level is so low, Burn and Freeze aren’t even my primary win clause.

So what if the Skulls generation can’t be frozen, I actually want Golem to be nabbing Skulls! If by some chance he actually powers through Jarl, I got a defensive second in command that can stall out the skulls quite well (Barrier, go!).

If even Slime was in the front, then I would be a little more worried. But at 7 attack per skull match, it’ll take 8 hits (not counting Huge life gain) to takedown Jarl. At least with IK in front you know he’d take Jarl out, even if he can’t clean-up all the generated skulls afterwards.

TL;DR: Golem being in front gives me ample time to take out the back line before they become too much of a threat, even if he does soak up 25%+ of my Burns/Freezes.

I’m sure Bobomb will point out the flaws in my team soon enough, so I’ll leave it at that for now. :grin:

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indeed… Just kidding. I love me some good analysis. Check back here once I’m at my computer for a thorough rebuttal (insert Beavis & Butthead laugh here).

Still time to get in on the action! Who will win?

The Queen vs The King
Firehammer vs Fire Hound
Fire and Ice vs Fire and Hellfire

You get to decide.

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What Fire Hound?

Here’s my assessment:

Biggest assets:

  • Infernal King is Immortal
  • Golem is immune to Freeze/Burn
  • Green Slime charges up fast
  • Green Slime charges up Infernal King, which deals 20 damage to the opposing team, turns brown to red charging up Sheggra AND turns all green gems to skulls, smashing the opponent, then Sheggra attacks, filling the board with skulls and smashing AGAIN, finishing off whatever troop is leading the opposing team

In AI vs AI,

my team has an edge because it runs smoothly and keeps smashing away, while the opponent has unpredictable targeting and Infernal King can keep coming back. On top of that, it will always go for skulls which will not be very effective against the Golem’s stoneskin. Meanwhile, because my team’s abilities are locked in, Infernal King + Sheggra will keep working to destroy the opposition. If the opponent manages to take down Golem, it will face an Immortal Infernal King with even higher attack, and he and Sheggra will keep smashing away even faster.

In PvP,

Jarl charges up my Infernal King and Sheggra
Jackalope charges up my Green Slime
Winter Knight blocks Mab from getting blue

There’s a good chance my opponent’s mana generators will misfire and give me a set of 4/5 instead.

My opponent’s team is dependent on Jarl to power its abilities, but Jarl will go down to Infernal King/Sheggra (even Golem’s low attack will be enough with a board full of skulls), and is also slower than Green Slime, which can get my team charged up quickly.

Meanwhile, Infernal King’s Immortal trait can mean my opponent just can’t get to the later creatures, while Sheggra will get bigger and bigger from Huge. My troops are very beefy, my opponent’s aren’t.

Result: Roasted Jackalope with a side of Mab

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Just a note on the Winter Knight and barrier: it doesn’t do much since my team’s attack sequence begins with Infernal King damaging everything (and popping the barrier in the process) which sets up the skull smash, followed by a second massive skull smash from Sheggra. Bye, bye, barrier.

Dear Jarl,

Hey there big boy,

I’ve recently been on an unsatisfying dinner-date, and I’m looking for something a little more ful-filling. I see you all hot and bothered over there. Why don’t you dump that frosty icepick (I’m looking at you, Mab) and come over here? Together we’ll make fireworks.

Can’t wait!


Sorry my cooking skills are not up to par for feeding a dragon. Next time i will make goblins. I hope jarl is a better cook.

At the moment Jarl’s into frozen food.

Mmm… frozen. :heart_eyes_cat:

Sheggra prefers fresh meat - more tender and juicy.

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Good, your flaming puppy there can stay out of my neck of the wood.