Minimal configuration android tablet


I’m not sure if i post this in the right subforum.

I’m having a option to by a new tablet for € 28,–.
The tablet has a singecore 1Ghz processor and 512 MB ram. Can i play GOW on this tablet?
Playstore is availeabe on this tablet. :wink:

The only purpose is being able to play GOW in bed without moving my laptop to my bedroom. #adicted


We can’t know for sure until we test the game on the actual tablet. However the tablet does need to support Android 4.0 and up.

Those specs do sound like the bottom of the line for what is supported. Those specs are lower than an iPad 2, and the game has been struggling on iPad 2 in the past. I would guess the game would run, but the performance would be quite bad and it don’t be surprised if it crashes often.


Thanks for your quick respont @Andrew.

I thought it would be the bottom of the line for playing GOW on this tablet. And as i would only use it to play GOW i’m not spending my money on it. :wink:


You can always play on your mobile :slightly_smiling:


By comparison, I have a quad 1.8GHz/2GB RAM and the game still runs noticeably slower than on my PC.


My phone is a Lumia 950XL with Windows 10 mobile as OS. Unfortunatelly there is no app yet for windows mobel. :frowning:

I deceided not to buy the tablet.
On the ther hand: it is good that i can’t play GOW in bed, otherwise i wouldn’t sleep at all. :stuck_out_tongue: