Playstore says GoW no longer compatible with my device?

I tried to update to v 2.0.106 this morning, but in playstore i no longer find it in my installed games or needed to update.
Ive been playing on thos table for 6 months. Game is installed and playable but now i cant update @Sirrian @Nimhain



What type of device do you have (make & model if you know it)?

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Samsung galaxy tab 3 SM-T217S

@Sirrian Sirrian


I’ve got the publisher looking into the issue (they’re just getting into the office in an hour or so). Failing that, I’ve let our tech lead know, and he’ll be online maybe 10-12 hours from now and can take a look for you. Sorry about that.

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@Sirrian no need 2 b sorry lol. I think u guys and gals are awsome :slight_smile:


We’ve checked and the device seems to be supported:

The only suggestion I have off the top of may head would be to try a fresh install, but I’m not an android expert, so can’t be of much help right now. We’ll chase it down for you though.

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Thanks @PowerPlay i always firget to do that :frowning:

@Sirrian affraid if i Uninstall it wont let me reinstall. Game is still playable justcant update .
So should i wait to hear more or ?

Quick clarification… It sounds like you were able to get the initial update 2.0.1, but the can’t get the 2.0.106 mini update - is that correct?

@Sirrian yes that is correct.
I was able to go to playstore and get the update 2.0.1 it was fine looked normal. When i went this morn to get the mini update i couldn’t find the game in playstore. Then found where it said uncompible

First set of pics is from android playstore. I also checked Onlineplaystore says installed but no longer shows any compatible devices

<img src="/uploads

/gemsofwar/original/2X/0/0b167d3901c1d92162c346e2d7d09b54386076cd.png" width=“690” height=“404”>

Updated playstore still broken :frowning:

@Sirrian mabye just send me a link to download the 2.0.106 apk file . I will just skip playstore and install myself.

Hi @DEMONorANGEL, contact our support guys at and they’ll be able to set you up with a link while we sort this out