Mimic chest drop rate summarization thread

My stats so far:

1878 Boss chests
199 Mimic chests
29 Hoard Mimic chests
2 Hoard Mimics


Here is my raw data


Thanks to everybody who has contributed so far.

Do I understand correctly that it means 9x35=315 boss chests (with 37 mimic chests and 2 hoard mimic chests)

This is exactly what I was talking about - is this just a conjecture or can you show anything more than simply words? What does “right after the release mean”? How long is “last few weeks”? What are the numbers for “a lot better” - double, triple, quadruple?

I have no problem writing another thousand chests separately out of curiosity so I’ll do it and let’s see what happens when I get that far.

Thanks for providing the data. I doubt there is a bias towards playing more chests in a row having more mimic chests vs ppl playing 4 boss chests a day having less or even 0 mimic chests. Maybe the game algorithm checks previous battles and has adjustments as the numbers go up whereas if you only do 4 boss chests a day then the next day your previous stats sort of resets.

Correct. I completed all 35 kingdoms to boss chest, then opened all boss chests one after the other (made it easier to log data accurately).

Several players collected some data in the early days, which can be found on a few threads:

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Started tracking 3 days ago. 124 boss chests 19 mimics 3 hoard mimics. No hoard troop.
The plan is to go to a 1000 boss chests.

Did get a 5x nysha on one of the hoards :heart_eyes:


862 Boss Chests
78 Mimic Chests
6 Hoard Mimic Chests
0 Hoard Mimic

I stop searching for it 3 weeks ago :slight_smile:


Exactly 10% on the 2x mimics.
I got 6 bonus nyshas from mimics so exactly 5% on nysha droprate too.

Im very average!

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how much Hoard Mimics can a player have at the same time?
there is a suspicion that not more than one, more than 200ta chests in the same kingdom clearly hint at this possibility…

True or false?

It’s a troop, so I would assume unlimited… if you really have the time/sanity for that.

Already saw someone with 3 of them in pvp defense

also thought that these chests, as well as double chests, then you can definitely put them in all 35 kingdoms - and then at one time to sit down and open.

But two weeks of one kingdom made me doubt…


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I’ve been through this 2 times already, when all the kingdoms have second mimics. The first time it was 5, the second time - three times looked improved.

But now I have an idea - why don’t I put a mimic x5 in EVERY kingdom…

And the game, I see, says to me - but there’s no reason to be so sly, to have more than one mimic x5…

This is the essence of the question - HAVE EVER had more than one x5 mimic ready for battle, not in a squad, but on the map.

I hope I was able to convey the idea that I think the game is limited to no more than one mimic, ready to fight, on the map.

And sorry for the sloppiness in the text - the translator is on the case.

Oh, sorry, that is my misunderstanding.

You are not asking about the troop but if the battle could appear in many kingdoms at the same time.

Honestly, I do not know. I do not have the patience to even test that.

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You can get more than one, it’s just long and boring.

Thanks, knowledge gained!)


Alright that’s my 1000 chests done. Going to stop tracking now. 7 bonus nyshas from mimics. No hoard troop(but I already had one).
10% into 10% seem likely droprates for the mimics


that multi-counter app looks kinda neat, thank you for showcasing it :smiley:

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A little update after another batch of 1000 boss chests

If both batches put together:
mimic total
Looks like I’m a bit on a lowish side of 10%/10%

And this is when I put current contributions in one picture: