Mean Machine (top 50 guild) is recruiting 🌟 Easy requirements, tons of rewards, complete every event!

Still loking for 1 member :slight_smile:

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Come join us in Mean Machine, we’d love to have you.


River got me booted sorry bro, good luck finding another person though.

It is ok ten leathers

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PM sent :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, Mean Machine is looking for a new member!

We are:

  • Rank 23
  • Demigod level
  • Brackets 1 and 2 for guild wars - we’ve never dropped lower than that and we are on track for promotion to B1 this week
  • Completing all tasks a few hours after reset and then many legendary tasks during the week.
  • Part of a guild family with our allied guild, Angry Sprockets
  • Active, friendly, helpful and chatty in game and on our discord channel
  • Aware that real life happens and that there is a balance between gaming and life

Our weekly requirements are:
400k gold
200 trophies
30 guild war battles
Guild sentinels all to level 3

If you want to come and join a fantastic and friendly bunch of people of all ages from all over the world then let me know!


Bump… :slight_smile:


Gorilla bump


Bump! Still looking for a player to join our fantastic team.


Need one more, come for the Christmas in August on Monday morning, stay for all the legendaries for the rest of the week.

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Average contributions this week (including a member rejoining today plus a couple on vacation) are about 960k gold and 400 trophies per person. We punch way above our rank - don’t be fooled by the number 23!

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Quick bump before the reset - join now for Monday rewards and guild war participation!

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BUMPING! :relaxed:

Bumping again!

Bump! :slight_smile:

We are looking for one more player to join from Sunday! Come join the fight with us. We are competitive in guild wars but have no requirement to play a certain way - use a 4 colour team or just your usual PvP team. Stress free GW, yet we are still in bracket 1 :smile:


Oh and speaking of guild wars, we won our first three day’s wars in bracket 1 :smile:

Winning today as well…:slight_smile:

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We’re nailing it! Who wants to join us??

Oh, and rank 22 now :smile:

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3rd place in Bracket 1, winning today’s GW as well.

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