Mean Machine (top 50 guild) is recruiting 🌟 Easy requirements, tons of rewards, complete every event!

Hello everyone, Mean Machine is looking for a new member!

We are:

  • Rank 23
  • Demigod level
  • Brackets 1 and 2 for guild wars - we’ve never dropped lower than that and we are on track for promotion to B1 this week
  • Completing all tasks a few hours after reset and then many legendary tasks during the week.
  • Part of a guild family with our allied guild, Angry Sprockets
  • Active, friendly, helpful and chatty in game and on our discord channel
  • Aware that real life happens and that there is a balance between gaming and life

Our weekly requirements are:
400k gold
200 trophies
30 guild war battles
Guild sentinels all to level 3

If you want to come and join a fantastic and friendly bunch of people of all ages from all over the world then let me know!