Mean Machine is recruiting


Hello everyone,
Mean Machine is recruiting new members, all players with any level are welcome to join.
A relatively new guild, we currently have 6 (of which 4 above level 100) members, and are raising fast, ranked 1740 at the moment, we are raising 50-100 ranks every day.
Announcements can be used to chat, and there is no obligation, everyone can play at their own pace.
We have 17 spots left.
Join us today, or post your in game name in comments if you are interested and I can invite you in.
Join us let’s grow together :smile:


Hello there, we are finding it very difficult recruiting for my Guild “Blackout”… I am willing to jump on bored with you but only if I can have my 2nd in commend come with me?


Yes, both of you can come of course :smile:
We have 17 free spaces, so you can bring anyone you like :smile:


Awesome, thank you… My invite code is BLACKOUT1984 and my partner code is ADOLFO_3


There seems to be some problem with your invite code. It always tells me user doesn’t exists. I invited adolfo with no problems, but your invite code doesn’t work :confused:
I even tried coping invite from your forum profile, still won’t mark you as existing user. Can you can join manually? We are open for both kind of joining, not locked to invite only.


Sorry, it’s -BLACKOUT1984-


Still no match for you, just for adolfo :confused:


15 spots remaining. Also our current rank is 1724 :smile:



It might be helpful if you were to upload a screenshot of your code.


Yep he did that, he joined us :smile:


Oh by the way we are ranked 1616 currently, if someone is interested :smile:


15 spaces remaining, current rank 1586 :smile:


13 spaces remaining, current rank 1491 :smile:


Current status:
Ranked 1399
11 members
14 free spaces for new members :smile:


Still recruiting :smile:
Current rank 1321 :smile:


Rank 1241 :smile:
10 spots remaining, and we now have 16 members :slight_smile:


Rank 1174 :smile:
17 members at this moment, 9 spaces remaining for now (but we are leveling guild up fast, we will soon reach max capacity of 30).