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Maximum positions in guild war rating

Did I understand correctly that the Guild at the end of the war can rise in the ranking to a maximum of 200 positions? If so, why is this done, given the very large number of dead guilds in this ranking?

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Hey Krespe, the maximum brackets that Guilds can climb isn’t currently publicly available, however if your Guild is very active in Guild Wars and scores well against your opponents you will move up fast.

This may or may not be as fast as you’d like but given all the time our top Guilds took to reach the top brackets we feel this is fair and certainly a lot faster than the old system when Guilds could only move a maximum of 2 brackets per month.

Good luck!

I am actually curious to know how long it took various guilds. On the one hand, as you mentioned, guilds could previously only move up 2 brackets. On the other, we now have a lot more guilds, meaning a new guild starts lower down and has more brackets to climb.

Do you have any figures/data/info in that regard, @Kafka? Also interested to hear from any top few bracket guilds/guild leaders, as well, if they know or can remember :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:. @awryan?

It took us 7 months to go from a bottom bracket (maybe bracket 700?) to Bracket 1. I think we always placed 1st or 2nd in every bracket except for 1.
So a brand new guild should only take 28 months to make it to bracket 1 now. Enjoy the journey I guess.


when GW was weekly

Right. And if you finished the quote. You’d seen this…

Now that it takes 4 times as long to advance.
Either way, it takes at least 28 guild wars interations.

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There have already calculated that the new guild will need 28 months. Is this your opinion fast?

Why it is impossible to make guild wars weekly as before? They can go parallel to other events.

@awryan how do you like this idea?

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With the new system you can move up several brackets depending on how well your guild performs

sure, my point was only to clarify why now it takes 4 times longer than before :wink:

Provided the amount of guilds would be the same as two years ago, which I don’t think is the case… The more guilds taking part in GWs, the lowest the starting bracket for a brand-new guild will be.

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I thought about that. I think the new system allows new guilds to move up faster in GW time despite their being more guilds. It’s strange that the devs want to keep yet another thing secret. But jumping 200 brackets seems totally possible now. I could look on www.taransworld.com to see exactly how many brackets there our now if necessary.

Secondly, yes a lot of new guilds are created. But most don’t keep playing for more than 1 or 2 GW. Hell, at least 3 guilds disbanded during the last GW round (or lead up to it) just from tickets on here alone.
It’s also fair to consider that a lot of the active guilds back when AWR rose up are dead now as well. Those active guilds were put into high brackets based on their rank when GW first came out. It will take a while for them to drop to the bottom.
I know the new system helps guilds move up quicker (in terms of GW time) but I don’t know if it causes other guilds to drop faster.
Ultimately, it’s impossible to know if a new guild can advance quicker until 1 actually does it. 🤷

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At 200 it is possible.
But we gain 1 million points.
Another guild is gaining 600,000 points.
And both guilds jump to 200.
I am not against the second guild, but why are we already limited to 200 positions in two GW in a row?

That’s a dev Question. But they already said they won’t explain it.
In bracket 104 2 guild wars ago. 1-3 place crushed their competition. 1st place moved up 5 brackets. 2nd place beat 3rd by at least 300k points. But both 2 and 3 only moved up 1 bracket. 🤷
First place moving up makes sense.
2nd place moving up makes sense.
Why 3rd moved up into the same bracket as 2nd place doesn’t make any sense.

But here’s the rub.
The big honcho Sirrian, knows that the game can easily be bugged. There’s just too much code for a small staff to QA every single part of it after the initial tests.
So they rely on the community to report bugs so they can allocate their time to test code that may be bugged. That makes total sense.
Where they lose me is insisting on keeping secret how guild wars are scored. And now how brackets are determined. They justify this rationality by saying they don’t want to cause too many support tickets. But since that public statement. The way bugs are reported has changed. They are now a thread on the forums and not a ticket. What hasn’t changed is… The player’s themselves having no clue if GW scoring is bugged or if the brackets are bugged. Because no one but the devs know how they are supposed to work.


Then GW can be performed weekly in parallel with other events.
And the guilds themselves decide what is more important to them.

Oh, that’s a secondary issue.
Guild wars doesn’t run concurrently to other events because the server can’t handle it… Or, they wanted to nerf our gems income. Either way. The devs want it only monthly.

Our guild has moved from bracket 118 in November to bracket 81 in February. That’s an average of 12 brackets a month. I would imagine it won’t let us jump as many the closer we get to one. It might take us another year to get there.

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I think jumping 200 places/positions is quite possible, but not so much 200 brackets (i.e., there are 10 guilds per bracket, so 200 places = ~20 brackets).

Here’s some data from our last GW:

We don’t have all statues maxed yet, and we’re not quite at full participation (150 battles), but we’re getting there/doing okay. The +150 in Ranking = +15 brackets. We have jumped ~33 brackets before, but we were lower down, and only scored ~500,000 points or so (with opponents scoring less, too).

If we keep this up (and I doubt we can, since our brackets-jumped will most likely decrease over time), we’ll get to bracket 100 by the end of the year :man_shrugging:. This IS something that newer players/guild members ask me about, as well, and it sucks that I don’t have anything good that I can tell them (e.g. “What’s the point of GW?”).

I don’t believe it does, aside from the brackets they drop to adjust for guilds that are jumping over them. It’s actually really disheartening for me to see screenshots of dead guilds with 0 points at the end of a GW week in bracket ~50, say, dropping 1 or 2 brackets a week.

I think this is actually a significant issue re: the bracket-jumping formula. If you have 2 high performing guilds in the same, low bracket, only 1 of them will be able to benefit from the bracket jumping, I believe. I.e., I don’t believe the formula accounts for localised disturbances/chaos, which makes it much less effective than one might think it is. @Kafka this is something I’m actually quite interested in, and would you be able to share if this has been taken into consideration?

Hypothetical case in point:

  • Imagine all guilds in brackets 300-400 (if there are 400) score somewhere between 10,000-50,000 points - a fairly low score.
  • In bracket 370, there are 2 high performing guilds that score 1 million and 900,000 points, respectively.
  • How many brackets does the 2nd guild (with 900,000) points move up?

I believe it would only be 1-2, currently, while the 1st guild (with 1 mil points) would potentially move up ~30-40 brackets (although I’m not sure, and they might only move up 1-2 brackets, as well) - and if so, I would believe this to be a flaw.

This actually seems like a decent point :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I mean, I know they don’t 100% rely on the community to report bugs, but it does mean that in these situations players are reduced to coming to the forums and saying, “… Is this how [guild wars scoring/brackets/whatever] is supposed to work? This seems wrong, but… Yeah, idk. Help?”

I can still totally understand this side of it, though: