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Things that make you angry while playing GoW

Raven was in orc battle, reading your post saved me 250 gems, thx!

ps. from what i observed, distibution of ravens in class event is static (ie. they are always in same battles for same class event)
pss. i’m just making a rule from pure RNG coincidence

It doesn’t work like that. Had I gone in reverse then the Raven would have been in the Queen Mab battle.

It’s pure luck RNG. Sometimes tier 3 is enough to get all the Class Trial rewards. Sometimes it’s not.

Triggered 9 times.:roll_eyes:


Everything but hey you can just delete the game and have a life.
No I just got another puerile daily offer. Callow, shallow, worthless. Actually so bad they are not worth writing about. A good wine sounds better than GoW.

5 Magic Runic Delve rooms, 4 Water, 2 Earth and 1 Nature (Goblin Throne Room). Fire and Wind? Zero. I guess Fire and Wind come from the sky, not the Delves.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 7.17.24 PM

I suppose it helps me avoid doing Explore in Blue Mana kingdoms.

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This guild, The Trophy Hunters, beat us in GW 2-3 wars ago. They were good! However now I see they’re only one Bracket ahead of us (and not particularly challenged by their opponents). I feel bad for them. They should be much higher up in the rankings.

When two over-performing guilds meet in a lower Bracket, they slow each other down, even if in the broader scheme of things, they both outclass their surroundings opponents by a mile. This is a failing of the GW Bracket progression system/formula.

This shouldn’t be a new consideration (me, from Feb '19):

#itsnotworking #theydidntdothemath #angry :rage: #sad :cry:


If I had a brain, I might be able to figure out how Bracket Seeding Works. I don’t, and it doesn’t.

From one of my previous rants:

Good luck to you and your Guild in your quest to find a competitive bracket. Perhaps these issues will be addressed in 5.0. The existing system always felt a bit arbitrary, as in, “Let’s put these four bracket winners in one bracket, and see who advances this time.” They claim “Math”, but I never believed in that stuff.

For the Horde.

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Goblin teams in GW. C’mon people; we can do better.

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I could go obviously with the pathetic care given to the french translation of this game and the total incompetence of the few people involved in this fiasco (french translator, devs) but no… today will be about the medals:

So if I understand well, the medals selected cannot be tied to a GW defense team so when my GW def team of the day requires lets say 3 orpheus medals, I cannot go play with 3 gaard medals the whole day because then the players facing my GW defense will not face 3 orpheus medals but 3 Gaard? :roll_eyes:


They talk about how they don’t want players to be min/maxing medals used, but now players are sabotaging their own play experience in the sake of min/maxing medals. The system seems a wee bit flawed, huh?


What do you want, to strategise or something? Get outta here, this ain’t Candy Crush! (/s)


:rofl::rofl::rofl: just a slighlty bit flawed… But Im not surprised.
Different prob but also annoying is the fact we cant choose between different teams to play the Pet rescue (other than changing all the troops manually). Early lvls I would go with another team than the last ones. :persevere:

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Medals should be attached to individual freaking teams like most other parts of the game … obviously …

Of course this is rather hypothetical for those players who can’t really waste their lives trying to get something bigger than an Ultra medal. So the system is (also) flawed.


Until someone… anyone… Can play GoW for more than 10 matches a day (now a days)… That works for IP2. They’ll never truly understand the plight of those who have to change their medals 10+ times a day. Due to reasons already voiced by others before me.

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I was under the impression that if you set your medals for defence before reset they became locked in at reset and you could change your attack medals thereafter without compromising the defence you set???
If that’s not the case then it is reminiscent of when we had to spend gems on class changes during wars itself

Imagine if we ever got to a point where itd take 100+ matches per day to “keep up” oh my


Haha yeah. We are way, way beyond that paltry requirement. Anyone who has done a full faction Tuesday run sees a 100 fights as a warm up lol.
Something in the region of 400 fights is in order for the non gem rich or factions like amanthrax that have very limited shortcut potential.

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Why stop there?

We have to think “bigger picture” here.

We already can pay the game the gems we collect or buy to buy pets, champion levels, and various other means of advancement in the game, right? So, let’s take the next logical step here. Why not invent a system where we can pay gems to skip the tedium of actually playing the game and jump straight to the rewards? :crazy_face:


Did you know that you can start a GW battle with only 1 Gem of a particular colour on the board?

Me neither!!

I guess at least I didn’t have to worry about losing… (/s it actually sucks – we get no defence results.)

Team shared because ijdgaf – it’s not like I’ll reach a Bracket with 6 days of actual competition any day soon :stuck_out_tongue:.


I don’t remember if it was a GW thread, a Medal thread, or even just a random thread, but it was stated by a dev that medals were not locked at reset to GW teams. Though they should be.

Or would be, if we could ever assign medals to teams, like that one thread suggested. Or was there more than one thread suggesting that?

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