Make Invasion great again!


One more week of Invasion is almost done and especially on this week it felt really unsatisfying again.

Every Kingdom has more or less their own ability or power. For example Whitehelm is known for healing, buffing and cleaning, Blackhawk for boosting gold and the current eventkingdom Mist of Scales for their Poison-attacks. But you simply can’t use this power, because the Towers are immune to every negative effect. So at the end every Invasionweek is turning out as every other too: You will probably use earth fury or mang, the slayertroops and 1 or 2 supports/manaloader.

And in my opinion this totally fails the Invasionweek. If you are restricted to troops of a certain kingdom, then you should be able to use their full power. The positive effect is also, that you will play troops you usually don’t play. Currently you see mostly the same troops and teams over and over again and if you get used to new troops and combinations, then we can see some variations in future.

So my suggestion would be, that towers are customized for every Invasionweek. In this case, they would be able to receive poisondamage, but as spell they would have a additional cleanse-effect for example.
Another example would be Ubasted and his lethal-damage. Towers would be able to get killed by that, but as additional spelleffect they would reduce X damage of an enemy.

The same counts for webbing, entangling and so on. But please no more Invasions, where you are forced on this boring earth fury -slayertroop-combination, because status-immunity of towers makes most troops of the kingdom useless :confused:

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I don’t use (nor have) Earth’s fury.
My mang is still gathering dust.
Still I reached max level towers without huge problems, with 2 legendary siegebreakers, taipan and rope. I doubt that’s a standard team

So you just used one standardtroop (tai-pan) of this kingdom and only just as support. Exactly this, what I mentioned. Invasionevent is just based on hero and slayertroops and all others are just support :wink:

I did better in this Invasion than any I have played and had fun doing it.
I didn’t really like Invasion at first but every time I play it I enjoy it more, I don’t see any reason to change it.

Could be worse. We could get an invasion troop that entangles an enemy as its bonus. It’d look like this!

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Your experience is not everyone’s experience. I didn’t use any of the weapons you named and y team was nothing like yours.

I think your fascination with Mang is limiting your creativity.

Could have as well run siegebreaker, taipan, marilith, naga queen. As effective as the double siegebreaker, but slower.

Where did I said that I use Mang? But you simply can ask topguilds, which teams they’re using at tower level 100+. Then you will recognize, that most teams are exactly like I mentioned.

I myself used bonenaga, red doomweapon, marilith and tai-pan. This one made at least a bit of fun :wink:

So, which teams did you use for beating lvl 100+? I am very curious now :wink:

I don’t have to ask top guilds. I’m in a top guild and at various times have been in most of the others. I use the siegebreaker and whatever else works. I never use Mang because I think it is too limiting.

Creativity works where rigidity doesn’t. Try it, you might like it.

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Your arrogance obviously prevents to read other posts carefully. What I try to reach with my topic here is to increase the creativity, if you allow to use the abilities in such events.

But people prefer lazyness, it was always like this :wink:

This weeks Invasion was not that bad, but i didn’t played it a lot because i wasn’t in the mood…

I’ve used this team until i killed 100 towers:


Marilith is a mana collector and also removes barriers from towers, the weapon helps to provide relevant mana gems even if it fails to gain an extra turn. Euryali’s true damage is not hindred by Vassara’s normal damage and if Marilith loops a few times Euryali alone can defeat the towers, plus she has a summon in case you lose your hero.

mmh i’m not a fan from invasion but this week was cool and easy. i never use mang, not a fan from it. other things works too.

with this team, without a loss till lvl 125 what 240 towers are.


dragonguard for dispell the barrier and marilith fill euryali and hero, then cast what is full and you get a fast and easy true dmg win. if the tanks dies, summon a new bonenaga or if euryali not full or close to it, hero create something.

Oh, I read your post carefully. I happen to disagree with your suggestions. If there’s arrogance on display here, it’s in thinking your idea to “fix” invasion is what everybody wants.

But if you’re trying to insult me, you should probably pick something other than what everybody knows to be my defining characteristic.

This is the second time in recent forum history that someone has brought up a suggestion to make Raid/Invasion more enjoyable (as they saw it), and received largely negative and unhelpful responses that don’t engage with the core or intent of the post, which makes me a bit sad/disheartened.

Obviously forums are a place where things can be discussed, and disagreed with, but the belittling that occurs makes me much less likely to want to read/contribute.

Can we please have more constructive responses?


Spoiler alert bud.

For every person on the forums that agrees with someones opinion. There’s at least 5 that disagree with him or her. The ones that disagree will be more active to say something. Those who agree just read and move on.

The forums are dying in activity (can’t blame it on the game cause supposedly more are playing than ever before.)
I’ve heard a few theories to account for the Forums dying. But essentially I believe it’s like global chat. When a new user sees nothing but arguing or the tearing down of others. They are less likely to feel comfortable joining in on the conversation.
I am in no way innocent of this. I match energy with energy. Positive input gets a positive reaction. Negative input gets a negative reaction. There’s definitely a lack of positive energy on the forums though. 🤷


That first thread should never have even been made. If he doesn’t enjoy using Mang than he should stop using it. It’s pretty simple if you don’t like something then don’t use it but this guy instead of just not using it himself wants it removed from events so the people that do like it can’t use it anymore. I’m bored of the Skeleton Key team at the moment I didn’t make a thread asking for Skeleton Key to be removed from PvP instead I just simply stopped using it.

I agree it’s sad to see threads with negative and unhelpful responses but some are deserved like someone wanting something removed from offence instead of just not using it themselves.


It’s under the feedback section.
The OP has as much right to their opinion as you do.
There’s a difference between sharing an opinion and criticizing someone for having one.
The devs have never listened to just one player.
You don’t need to actively disagree with the OP to voice your vote. Silence on this matter would lead to the same outcome.

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Well it doesn’t help when you lead with MAGA, which makes two very different kind of people foam at the mouth for two very different reasons. Any attempt at humor is overshadowed by the stress it brings.

But I mean, think about it. A core premise of MAGA is “there is an invasion of immigrants and we must stop it.” That doesn’t sound like a good core for your “make Invasion more fun” argument.

What was the last Invasion, Naga? I found it pretty OK. I had a team with pretty good synergy and it chewed through the towers pretty good. Normally what I do is something very janky that can best be described as “a scaling weapon plus three meat shields”. But this time my team used a Siegebreaker, a scaling weapon, and 2 mediocre mana generators. That’s… actually a team! I could lose 1, 2, or even 3 troops and still have a decent chance of winning.

I agree with the original post in that the way Invasion is designed there will be plenty of not-fun weeks. Many of the mechanics seem more about denying you the use of what makes a kingdom/creature type special instead of highlighting it.

I think that’s countered by when the ability is “do triple damage to…” or “instakill if…”, there’s no way to showcase it and make the event present anything approaching a challenge. We don’t like boring things either. Ask anyone who has to grind Explore or PvP frequently.

So my criticisms in order of strength are:

  • Don’t use MAGA to try and make anything cute. It’s not cute at all. It’s a giant baby who has pooped its diaper and says it’s someone else’s fault for feeding it.
  • Nothing in OP is a new idea that hasn’t been stated before. Most people had this analysis as of the first Invasion. Nothing’s changed in nearly a year. That part makes me sad. I’d like a big active running “please change this” thread on the forums, but it’d have more impact if we nominated one of the ones from the first Invasion week.

That’s an inherent problem of how invasion (and raid, and ToD) bosses are created.

Most kingdoms focus on a specific status effect as their strength, as Nagas and their poison, or Giants and their freeze, or Spider stuffs and their web.

While both invasion, ToD and raid bosses (all towers, dooms and Zhuul) are inherent invlnerable to most (or even to all, for Zhuul and dooms). So they shut out the majority of kingdoms strong points by default, leaving the few non status related stuff (like Zaejin and their extra turn galores, Sins of Maraj and their true damage, etc) to be…

Unless the boss units will be changed in detail, that will stay put. The problem is that taking away status immunities from bosses could easily tip the balance into trivial for events (can imagine the hoard of Dragon’s Eyes, Ironguts, Magnus+Scorpius teams, etc, that would tear apart the events if status immunities are removed).

And then every event will be a choice of either youhavethatonethingandwin or youbitethedust…

Maybe they could make a new trait - “Anti-Cheese: Immune to Stun, Devour, Transform and Lethal Damage” :stuck_out_tongue:.