Mang or bust - remove mang!

So Mang is the best, if not only option, for most events, at high level.

it gets a bit old.

The restrictions on troop type are designed to make us use different teams each event, but it always ends up with Mang, and then rather inconsequential other troops of the restriction.

I wonder what the stats are for use of Mang in events at high level? how many people use it above certain difficulty levels? 70%? 80%?

What do people think? tired of the same old Mang? Would nerfing it just switch us all to a similar weapon, which we’d then use in every event?

Perhaps events like the current invasion also need weapon restrictions of that kingdom type, to bum off Mang’s dominance. Make the events harder, but more varied, i say that would be more fun.


Or you could just not use Mang and let the rest of of use it if we choose to.


Mang-like weapons are great, but not definitive in some events as long as we have fairly decent troops to use. That’s why it sucks so much that some kingdoms are way behind on the power curve while waiting for reworks that may never come before the sun collapses on itself (or whatever these stars tends to do) or this game ends…


Haven’t used mang in 6 months
Try again

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Use your imagination and don’t use the Mang weapon then, but don’t force your ideas on others.
Also, I rarely use Mang, there are many other strategies that can also work very well.

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Also lets not forget that much of the good weapons from events have yet to re-appear and Mang is a lifeline for a lot of people who didn’t manage to get these weapons.
We need more scaling weapons that can provide diversity rather than removing the only one that you can obtain.


It is pretty straight forward, don’t like it, don’t use it :+1:


I never use Mang. Earth’s Fury and Trickster’s Shot are my weapons of choice for those kind of events.


First thought:


Typos get me every time. Fixed. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Or Trickster’s Shot for Invasions or Rope Dart for Boss Raids or Mountain Crusher if you want lots of Mana or…


I am lvl 1350+, play in bracket 1 and we finishes events on fridays or saturdays. I am not aware of all the setups my guildmates use, but I don’t reckognise what you’r typing.

Mang is absolutely not the best weapon. I practially never use Mang simply because there are better alternatives.
The new weapons introduced with the events often are pretty usefull. Dooms are also great just to name a few.

So in my opinion, Mang do not have to be nerfed.

Yep, there are better alternatives. But devs please make them available to all of us.

Before that Mang is the ONLY option in high level floors for many players.

Come on, create a club of anonymous Mang-oholics. “I haven’t use Mang for 9 months, 3 weeks and 2 days…” - “Great! Go on!..”

I wonder how many weapons and troops would have been removed from the game by now if each thread with this theme was implemented.

There is a larger problem, but what you are saying is correct.

Mang is just the first weapon that had a “destroy all armor” aspect. The other ones are generally better because they either improve a different stat or the entire team.

But Mang is a weapon every player can get. The other weapons were only available during an event, and now maybe once or twice a year players get a chance to spend $5 to get one.

So if a player started in the past 4 or 5 months, it turns out Mang is their only scaling weapon. The Doomed weapons also help but are similar to the event weapons: there are 6 useful ones out of 12 and given the current rotation, you can only get them once per month over a 3 month period that only happens every six months, one color at a time.

It’s worse than troops have ever been. Even before Soulforge, we knew if you spent “enough” money on gems, which was always possible, you could get any troop you were missing. And if you waited “enough” time you’d get it.

There is no guarantee of that for these weapons. You can’t spend “enough” money to guarantee it because they are randomly selected and show up 1/week out of more than 50 other candidates. If you assume it will take longer than a year to get any one weapon, statistics support it.

Do you think a new player wants to be told “the competitive equipment costs $15 and you’re going to have to wait more than a year on dice rolls to get it”? I wouldn’t. If I had started post-Yasmine’s Pride or post-Earth’s Fury, I think I’d be highly motivated to go find another game right now.


That can be the I own it-bias.

You might think that you would go for another game if you’d have started post YB or EF. But that’s because you own them and use them.

A new player, that doesn’t have them, will never fully know their usefulness. Yea, guildies will maybe tell him/her that team X or Y do best with weapon X or Y. But there’s a difference between being told of a weapon, and actually getting to use it. You don’t miss it in the same way.

And there’s always alternatives to all weapons, no weapon is unique and unreplaceable.

Cauldron for Earth’s Fury. Rope for Trickster’s Shot. Etc.

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Many or most players are using either the Trickster’s Shot or Earth’s Fury and Flammifer in many cases, because it’s the easiest fastest or convenient.
These weapons apply to high-level Delves, Bounty and Invasion, Raids, Guild Wars, Doom Towers.

I don’t have any of them. I must take a different route or approach, and thus it takes more time from me and sometimes losses as well. Still, it’s manageable to do without these weapons, but in some cases, it’s really inconvenient if you don’t have them, especially if you want to compete on the Leaderboard.

And no, I would not get the weapon even if it would be bundled in a $50 pack.
If it would be available as a free option to craft again and/or to spent $5 on such weapon, then, of course, I would gladly buy it.

Developers really need to provide better means of availability for those passed weapons somehow, soon.

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good grief, these Nerf nerf nerf posts.

Don’t know why the OP doesn’t just go full insanity and suggest the developers run a report. Find everything that any player uses 10% of the time or more: troops, weapons, Hero class, and Game modes, and REMOVE them completely from Gems for all players.

“Problem Solved”.