Mang or bust - remove mang!


That is the most silly post I have ever seen. Let me see if I am reading this right. I’m tired of Mang so get rid of it for me and everyone else no matter if they are tired of it or not because what I want should be what everyone else wants. I speak for all even though I did not bother asking before I posted this nonsense.

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Mang was never the issue. Dawnbringer is not as well. The only issue that we should be concerned with, is the Dragon’s Eye. That thing is broken.



DE is not issue either. The issue is all the people putting it up as their DEF in pvp. I just skip those 5 min battles and do a 1 or 2 trophy battle instead. If others would skip those they would go away. I can beat them easily but don’t want to waste 5 min on the nonsense. I think most of the wins from it are people retreating. So if all skipped those those people would have zero revenge battles and zero Def wins