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Make GW great again. TRUMP 2020

Here is my idea on how to improve GW.

Step 1. Ditch the bracket system. This was a bad idea from the start. It is broken beyond repair. Instead of a bracket system, scores are partly based on the strength of your team vs. Strength of defending team. So if you are using a team with a power rating of 8000 and you defeat a team with a power rating of 15000 you would get more points than if the opposite were true. This way if stronger guilds are matched up against weaker guilds it doesnt give them an advantage.

Step 2. Take the average score for the guild for each day instead of the cumulative score. This way a guild with less than 30 members isnt at a disadvantage.

Step 3. Have a bracketed rewards system. For example, 1st place gets one reward. 2nd -5th het a bit less. 6th-10th a bit less still. And so on.

You know what’s even more broken than the bracket system? The team power system. See how well it works in PvP matching?

This idea penalizes players for progressing. Team power is based on troop level, traits & bonus stats from kingdoms level/stars, among other things. Everything in the game depends on increasing kingdoms and to do so you have to trait & ascend troops, classes, pets & weapons - thereby automatically increasing your team power. If you want to get more powerful in every other game mode, you’d have to sacrifice your ability to play in GW and vice versa. A player puts in the time to max things out & you want to tie their hands & tell them they can’t benefit from their efforts? And to boot, you can’t undo traiting or ascending later.

Not to mention, the point of bracketing is to pit guilds against guilds of similar strength/ability. Other than a newer guild having to fight their way up through “dead” guilds, once a guild has settled into a range of brackets they’re fighting other similar guilds. We get to go up against 6 guilds during GW. Without brackets, how do you determine which guilds play each other and how far up/down the ladder they go?

Average scores mean a 1 player guild with a 9200 score could beat a 30-player guild with 15 players at 9300 + 14 players at 9100 + 1 player at anything less than 9100. A less than full guild SHOULD receive some sort of penalty/disadvantage against a full guild and the 27/30 scores counting already reduces the disadvantage in the current system to where the only disadvantage is there’s less room for their top 27 players to make mistakes in order to beat a full guild. That’s already a generous “leveling of the field”.

Rewards are already bracketed because the battles are bracketed. No matter what you do here you still have the same pros & cons that we currently do with prize structure.


Bring back more skill and less luck; make empowered troops ineligible to use in guild wars.


You lost me at “Make…great again”

This slogan is so tainted at this point and represents such a backwards way of thinking that I can’t even. But I guess I will, for the Horde:

The “good ol’ days” weren’t so good. Like, ever.

Don’t make Guild Wars “great again.”

Make it great in the first place. Better than it is now, or ever has been.


To your points:

  1. Brackets are not beyond repair. As many, many orcs have suggested in the past, we just need inactive guilds to drop further down, and active guilds to therefore rise to the real competition faster. And also for brackets to 0 out their scores each time rather than retain them, not have weird overlaps, etc… Take the bugs out of Brackets and make the progression/regression at least 4x faster to account for Guild Wars no longer being weekly, and Boom—solution started. Btdubs—team score is a terrible metric. Your method would punish guilds with fewer levels and bonus stats by forbidding them from fighting—and sometimes beating—Goliath for better rewards.

  2. Guilds with fewer than 30 members SHOULD be at a disadvantage. You want to win Guild Wars in the top brackets? Get a full roster. If no one needed to, we could end up with a bunch of one-person guilds clogging the already-clogged battlefield with “dead-guild” corpses that then every guild would have to slog through. And point of order—being at a disadvantage doesn’t mean a guild can’t still win in lower/mid-tier brackets. 10 people getting 9k apiece can beat a guild of 30 that averages 3k, thanks to top-27 scoring.

  3. We already have bracketed rewards because we have BRACKETS. The reward structure should be better and not so skewed to the top end of things (and this coming from a top-5 guild!), but this point runs counter to your first point and, again, is something we already have

EDIT: Sorry, @vanyel: I jumped into this too quickly to realize I was basically just rehashing everything you’d already eloquently written. Apologies for my incensed haste—an Orc makes mistakes sometimes, especially when ENRAGED

For the Horde :vulcan_salute:


No offense taken. All reasonable considering how misunderstood orcs are :japanese_ogre:


Top 17 things I hate about guild wars.

  1. You have 1 chance to beat the opponent, no do overs.
  2. You are penalized for taking 4 matches
  3. You are penalized for devouring an enemy.
  4. You are penalized for killing with death mark.
  5. You are penalized for killing with Megavore insta-kill.
  6. You are penalized for killing someone with Zuul’Goth
  7. Your team must be the same color (or be penalized)
  8. You are penalized for reusing defense troops.
  9. You are penalized for getting an extra turn on cast.
  10. You can lose your bracket to a guild you never get to play against.
  11. Guilds with literally 1 member can participate.
  12. It can take years to climb to the top brackets even with 100% wins.
  13. Rewards are dreadful for 99% of player base.
  14. You can boost your stats by spending (a lot) of gems.
  15. You cannot specify what medals your defense teams use.
  16. Orb weaver / Life and Death is still a thing
  17. You get nothing for your defense teams winning.

Other than that, it stinks. :smiley:


Someone edited the title to explicitly refer to real world politics.
This strikes me as an incredibly bad idea and probably violates a few forum rules.


It probably does violate forum rules. But it mocks a “politician” who clearly deserves to blatantly mocked, so it’s really more “funny” than “rule breaking” from my point of view. :slight_smile:


What the actual Hell happened here?


The title of the thread basically asks for political opinion. Which @Saltypatra says that she feels the forums are an okay platform to discuss politics on.
But now any post that talks shit about a person or people can be flagged.
So which is it? Because 99% of politics is talking shit about those who believe differently than you.
And with that… Biden 2020. (Make America look Good Again)


Would be glad to if you used your actual forums account to share your beliefs.
Instead of creating one with the intention of it being banned or to at least avoid any actual blow back on your main account from comments like…

I almost liked your comment until you referred to yourself as a child molester.

Now say it on your main forums account or don’t say it at all. Otherwise you’re just an entity that’s evidently used for being grabbed.

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Not enough randomly capitalized and/or misspelled words to be him :smirk:



10 characters.

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A stable genius such as yourself shouldn’t need to ask

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This is now completely off topic and should be locked @Lyya @Kafka @Saltypatra


Ok fun police🧑‍✈️


Dang an actual forum troll could really wreck this place if the mod response time’s >4 hours.


No point flagging it or responding to their comments. That is what they want us to do.

Don’t feed the trolls :wink:

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We always knew it would be a downward spiral when there would be arbitrary wait times added. Who knew it would be the forums?

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LOL. The crazy part is that we’re very much living in a satire right now, like the kind of satire I would write and have written.

This is pretty funny stuff guys. You just have to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

Even the stock market is a joke these days. Another 6 million out of work today and the stock market cheers it on with more rally.

So, thanks to the trolls for a few laughs. How ridiculous does life have to get before we all take a step back and laugh?

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