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Make Godslayers useful outside of raids

So the unique raid troop is pretty much useless after its intro week so I’ve been thinking a way to make it a bit relevant in other modes as well.
What if there is a chance in PvP for a boss to appear (pretty much like gnome and randomly replace a troop) but it would show when scouting. Killing it should get you similar to gnome random rewards but multiplied by 5x. Multiplier can be tied to ascension as the troop loves that.
That would also appease the vip crowd who have free scouting since it will pretty much be a must. You could then include one of the almighty Godslayers in your team and not exhibit it in the museum where it will belong come Monday.
Thanks for reading!

Learn how to read please. BOSS TYPE. So useful for dungeons as well.
Not compared to most mythic but still useful if you lack mythics

Relax and start collecting them. In a few months players will start crafting Zuul’Goth and you will have your wish of seeing Bosses in PvP.

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Yeah, I feel like in a lot of ways raid content is meant to be a slow drip. Think about it.

Imagine Dragons. No, not the band. The troops in game. There are 33 of them. If we assume every kingdom has one Godslayer, that’s about how many Godslayers we’ll expect to have in 96 months when all current kingdoms have rotated. If no new kingdoms are introduced.

Now imagine picking a random dragon out of the pile, and using that to decide how ALL dragons are going to behave.

Imagine you pick Silver Drakon. Weak! Lame! We don’t want dragons if THIS is what they’re like!

Now imagine you get The Worldbreaker instead. Whoa. Big impact. Heavy cost, but worth it if you can get there. Dragons are cool!

This is what I think is happening with Godslayers. There are going to be 32+ of them. It seems silly to expect that all will do the same thing as this week’s Godslayer. Each is going to be somewhat unique. Some are going to be “more powerful” than the others. Trying to figure out what the other 31 of them will do based on this one seems like it’s not a good idea.

I could be wrong. I agree with the feedback “I’d like to see slayers that are more useful outside of the raid.” But keep in mind that out of the game’s hundreds of troops, only a few dozen are “worth it” in a competitive sense.

There’s already “spoiler” info for the first few Godslayers.

Here’s a hint, they don’t deviate much. One may do a self-barrier, one may cause a random status effect. They’re not going to suddenly explode the world or do aoe true damage. Unless power creep. Then you’d be right.

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Huh, you’re right. I think I see the pattern.

They’re still worth an easy 15 levels on each kingdom, so yay leveling my kingdoms faster. The best way you can protest is don’t spend a lot of gems on them. That way you won’t run low on gems and won’t be tempted to buy more.

I’m still not really bothered, but there’s no sense in me reiterating my points or saying ‘no way, this is perfect’. But to me, right now, I’m more upset that Dawnbringer is still in Arena and, as far as I know, Runic Blade is still broken.

Runic Blade was reported to be fixed (in the known issues thread). It was working fine for me yesterday (in Arena on PS4).

Well, it would be enough to have 4-5 such units in the whole game. But we’ll get 1 in each of 32 kingdoms, isn’t it too much for such a specific unit?