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Mailbox issue with claim all

Has anyone addressed the mailbox issue?
How the claim all button lurks under the confirmation button.
Can you look at this and maybe move the claim all button and/or add a confirmation button to claim all.
Lost 5 guild wars victories mail due to this, as I had planned to use them over the coming days.

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Uhm. Have you ever read the mails? It says in there “Runs for 24 hours from when this mail was sent”. Unless this is a misinformation and i have been lied to for months, that wouldn’t even work. It doesn’t matter when you open the thing, it only matters when it arrived in your inbox and that’s something it does automatically.

Some mails expire in 1 day like daily log in rewards, others expire in six days like Daily guild wars victory mails. You may be reading about the 100% xp bonus (runs for 24 hours from when…)

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You’re not the only person to have mentioned this. I know I’ve brought it up, perhaps in the known issues thread or the feedback thread.