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Guild task mail question

So it has been on my mind for some time as a cheep person who has alot of time on his hands but when i complete guild tasks and they get lumped into a single mail thing does completing the tasks without opening the mail refresh the timer on the mail and also can rewards “decay” in that same piece of mail? to give an example lets say i complete a guild task ever 5 days but my guild mates collect the mail once a month would all tasks completed in that month be in that one mail or would only the last 2 i completed be in that mail?

I don’t think anyone other than the devs have data on this. Most people collect within a few days or less.

All the guild tasks say they’ll expire in a week. I don’t know if it would refresh the expiration date upon adding more loot to the mail, but I doubt it.

Hopefully @Sirrian or @Nimhain or any of the devs could elaborate the guild mail feature for me.

wonder if it is 1 guild mail per day, like from the daily bonus reset to the next, so if you are gone for 3 days, you get 3 mail? *i wouldnt know, i play every couple of hours :slight_smile: )

The experiment would be hard to test except outside of a super active guild.

not really hard, be part of a guild that gets at least 1 reward a day. and then not log in for 2 days. that at least would test mine.

for the other, you would claim one and then wait 2 days to claim it and see if it extended with new date.

Even if it does refresh the date on the mail which i can not test cause i am the main contributor and guild is silent, it does not account for decay time with the items in the mail. Such as rewards in the same “envelope” that are a week old end up being removed also I wonder if there is a cap on guild rewards you get through the mail.