Slight Mail Issue Since Last Night (Nov 12)

Has anyone else been having a slight issue with their mailbox recently? I play only on mobile and since yesterday (Nov 12), my mail icon will show an exclamation point when I have something new to open, but when I actually click on it, nothing is there. I immediately close it and then re-enter the mailbox and there is my mail.

Nothing game breaking, just requires two extra clicks to get my mail to show up.


Yes i have been havimg that happen as well but for me it seems to only be effecting guild tasks and LTs.

I can concur, AND I will raise you a sticky problem where if I open a single letter, then I will occasionally have to exit and re-enter my mailbox to open another. That is more recent than the other one you mentioned.

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Guild tasks and LTs seem to sound right to me. Might be why I didn’t notice it until yesterday. We completed a LT task yesterday.

Most of my weekly mail was in my mailbox after entering the first time after reset.

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I am having that this morning as well.

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I can confirm Xbox is having this problem as well.

Having same issues especially with guild tasks.

Same problem here.

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Same problem - iOS

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Same here on my Android tablet

I can confirm this for me (PC) as well.

Well we have it fairly confirmed as a general problem, across many platforms. I wonder where the root cause of this problem suddenly came from.

Happening since last night on PC. Notification that email is there but it’s not. Close app, restart always forces the email to show up.

Try not fully closing the application. I’ve just been exiting out of mail and then immediately back in. Seems to work just fine.

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I did that but only closing worked (last night). I’ll try today and see.

Ongoing issue for me.

My mail this morning included a guild task that was completed. Possibility that this was indeed fixed.

Anyone notice that their Guild tasks and LTs are showing up upon first click now?

Hi @Zippity

I have the same issue the last days, but as you mention it looks like that is fix.
Before I need to click 2 times also but now I see is already good.

I hope is really fixed.
Cheers :sunglasses:

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