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Mad prophet does not upgrade with kingdom bonus (mana/magic)

Hi colleagues,

Following is my issue:

Every time, I made it, to recieve a bonus skill (especially mana/magic) from an uplevelled Kingdom, the Mad Prophet does not apply it.
First time, all creatures got the +skill properly, except from Mad Prophet. It took a day, until he also upgraded.

Second time, all creatures got the +skill properly, except from Mad Prophet. It took two days for his upgrade now.

This time he does not upgrade at all :frowning: I saved my money so hard for kingdom bonus and it does not help me now… :frowning:

Do you know such issues or similar? Thanks for help in advance!

It’s not quite clear from your description, if you happen to be mostly looking at the spell effect, that doesn’t improve with each point of Magic. Magic given is always 5, Mana given is (Magic / 2) + 3, so it only improves for every two points of Magic you gain.

Many thanks for your reply. I mean the given Mana, yes.
And indeed, this can be the reason, why the Prophet lacks to give more this time.
But I was convinced, he upgraded that skill with each Kingdom bonus, before. Not with every second.
I guess, I need to wait for next Kindom’s Magic bonus.

Thank you very much.

It’s really always been like this. There are some other spells that don’t scale 1:1 with Magic, like Crescendo and Burning Scythe. You can check http://www.gowdb.com for details in case you are interested, it shows the complete formula for every troop/weapon.