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Lvl 138 guild recruiting active members!

We are looking for a few more members to help us get more than one guardian task completed! We chat a bit, but mostly looking for more active contributors. We are looking for members near or above lvl 100, that can contribute 100k a week or more. We are currently ~265th on the server looking to move up!

Please reply if interested

Hello, if still looking for members im currently level 108. I can donate near 100k a week im sure without a problem. My guild currently am in is not very active over all. If have any other questions feel free to ask. TRASHCAN

I am trying to find a new guild to join. The guild im in now just raised their minimums a LOT and i work 2 jobs so i cant make them. I am around level 735.
In a normal week i contribute well over 200k, between 100-1500 seals and roughly 100 trophies. I also participate in all guild wars. Please let me know if you are still recruiting and i will leave my guild and give you my invite code. Thanks.

Sure! We are still very active, just require guild war participation, basic donations (100k-ish? More is always nice if you are high level). As for the other events, participate as you can

In a dying guild with two close friends and looking for a home. I am very active and play every day, they play almost everyday as well. Do you have room for three?