Luna and The Possessed King are what we need

I love that these two troops provide an alternative way to gain mana and build a team. Having a third trait that explodes a gem takes pressure off of the… More typical team building structures with dedicated mana generators. Not being able to justify mana cost is one of the things that dictate what troops are actually viable.

We need more troops like this! Providing more ways to generate mana is like buffing many of the less used troops and inspiring creativity in team building! I was surprised to see this, when a large number of traits seem to be flagrant missed chances to do anything that matters. (Explode a gem at start???)

So, I just wanted to give kudos to whoever designed these third traits. I hope to see more like this. Even though its inevitable that many troops NEED to get revisited, and the only thing we see happening is throwing out more unbalanced content, this helps a little bit.


I agree a bit, that these traits are very helpful and fun to play.

But I think we have to remember us, that this is still a match 3 game. There are so many troops, who start with full mana, have this passive explosive-traits, that there are combinations possible, where you win games, where it wasn’t needed to do any move on the board, because it was possible with casting only.

And with that, the whole sense of the game is gone, because you don’t have to check anymore, which gems to move, to don’t give a advantage to the enemy. It’s just casting, casting, casting :confused:

With one of the latest troops- Leprechaun- you are now even able to explode gems on the first turn. In my opinion this takes out all the tactical thinking.

So if it will keep going in this direction, it will miss the roots… the match 3. And is that really, what we need? :wink:


This is a question with no answer.

Some people want the match 3 front and center, and would be happier with troops at a power level from yesteryear. Other people want a game where the match 3 is more sidelined. There’s not an easy way to make both of them happy.

Economically speaking, it seems like being “just a match 3” would be bad for GoW and make it drown in a sea of other games. So in some ways, it has to be more than “just a match 3”. It’s possible the more it veers from that, the better it does.

i guess my personal opinion is quite opposite. troops like this are removing the skill and fun from the game and adding in layers and layers of RNG. Becoming more about making attempts and grinding it rather than focusing and playing well.


+1 to what HugeOgre say.

Sure those troops that explode this and that or have 33% chance to do this then 26% to do another random thing and maybe 43% of doing one more random crap are fun aslong you do easy stuff where doesnt matter much what actually happen.

But for high lvl delve, ToD and other scaling events where a single skull match kill one troop or a single spell cast kill one or more defo you dont want rely’ on luck.

Only exception that come to my mind is Mang, Apo, Keeper and Tpk that i also used on 2 of the delve up to lvl 500, tpk is there to blow up stuff but it only work cuz the other 2 converters make you able to never lose the turn, or almost.

Ps: as for generating mana there’s egg thief x anything where you can use red or green, even without cedric once you got some gold she’s osom, way more than any tpk even if less “noisy”.

I was hoping to inspire some positivity. My feedback got twisted.

The way I see it, explode a gem on X match is the adversary to RNG, empowered troops, and 50% starts. The mechanic I mentioned makes the gem you choose to move matter even more because it effects troops and the board without casting a spell, 100% of the time. Not many other traits can do this.

I didn’t even mention empowered troops like leprechaun. These are entirely different. I have mixed feelings about troops that allow the battle to be won / lost in a single turn. These, along with the arbitrarily dispersed ability to provide 50% mana starts serve to create a subset of troops into “what will help me grind faster or win immediately”.

Sometimes the most offensive/defensive troops, let alone fun and quirky ones, entirely fall out of favor in exchange for 1-2-3 Victory combos. High level delves, towers, and PvP leaderboards have almost no place for the troop types that can’t come up with a full load of mana on the first turn. This is invalidating so much content and fun possibilities in my opinion.

“Explode a gem on X match” lets me gain mana for teams that arent under the covenant of empowered or a 50% start. The hope is that I don’t have to sacrifice one of my troop slots to a snakeman with a slimy spear who brings no useful combat ability if troops who do fun and strategic things aren’t starved for a dedicated instant mana support.

Also, troops that have an X chance to do something… I’m not even sure how that became a part of the conversation. (But really you can’t play gems and hate RNG)

I did not intend to become so negative toward another type of mechanic/troop but I wanted to strongly differentiate. TPK and Luna allow me to get some extra mana without having to cast to spell. They assist the pace of the battle steadily, not like the troops who turn GoW into an RNG gun draw duel. Perhaps there is a place for everything, including RNG, but not if it eliminates all other ways to play

Well, prob is, you use a troop that’s king of rng as tpk (you hope to be lucky with explosions making cascades/create more 4 matchs, to not talk about the 3x 20% chance to transform smthing into a useless crap) as example of troop to “counter rng”?

And it became part of the conversation about troops that got chances to do stuff maybe cuz tpk is 1 of those (Luna too actually).

But then you talk about the crappy pvp, smthing that x me is included into the easy stuff where you can use everything,

Anyway look like we think exactly the opposite about what strategy is and i wonder how much far are you into delve too, may be wrong but dont recall a single team x lvl 500 delve that use empowered troops (not like you can win those in 1,2 or 3 turns either).

Exploding a gem = 100% extra mana in addition to the gem match

There is no argument that “100% chance to explode a gem” = “X chance to cascade” Moving a gem under normal circumstances would also be X chance to cascade. 100% of gem moves introduces new gems that can cascade.

Correct me if I’m wrong!

Defo you’re wrong, exploding one gem defo dont give you same mana as a match (even without counting banners) if you’re lucky from the explosion itself you get a couple of mana, but can be 0 too if all around the exploded gems there’s not at least TWO gems of same color.

Hehe. For curiosity’s sake what kind of traits do you feel we need more of Miclo?