Lost Souls of Carmina Event Guide

Here is your guide to the new solo event

Event Summary -

Cheapest and Fastest Way To Get Your Desired Rewards -
Some of the more popular options for the amount of Lost Souls needed. Some with Zuul etc may opt to use an orb_ascension on Carmina

Want Everything in 1 Day?

Want absolutely everything in the shop?

If there is a reward you want to know more about getting, tag me and I’ll grab you the numbers on it


So just stared out. All difficulties gives the same amount of Lost Souls, and I find that confusing. Am I missing something?


Yeah it’s a little odd right. Each of the 3 battles have a randomly assigned level from their Tier but only reward the set amount of Lost Souls from their Tier. Strange set up for sure


So, given these 3 initial choices:

Is there any benefit to choosing the (presumably harder) mythic battle over the (easier) epic battle?

I get the same amount of Lost Souls from both, and the same tier up/stay/down offer every 5 battles. So is there any reason not to always choose the easiest battle in the tier?

@Hawx how many souls for Achievement + legendary troop on day 1?

Nope, no reason to suffer a harder battle. Just pick whichever battle you prefer, same rewards are given, same future choices given


So I just puchased 3 battles in the very beginning, without doing any battles and it says 6/3 in remaining battles for today… why so confusing.

1200 Lost Souls (800 for Achievement and 400 for troop)
This will need 50 battles which should be today’s 3 free battles and 16x booster packs (total gem cost 2250) edit @TheIdleOne I don’t like the cumulative gem costs for this event in 1 day. I think I’ve been awake too long.

800 for achievement = 11 boosters @ 3300 gems
400 more for troop will take you up to 16 boosters needed @6800 gems (yuk)

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It is AWFUL right! Worse is that if you go over daily reset with that 6/3 then you don’t earn ANY free battles tomorrow. So end the day on 0/3 always


thank you very much

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Seems specifically designed to force daily play instead of letting folks play when they choose/have the time. Bad form :frowning:


I’m posting this everywhere it seems remotely relevant. There’s a section for the battle attempts:


Maybe I’m missing something…

I finally just got the Orb of Power (trust me I didn’t actually want it).

Needed to pay up to 550 gems for a pack and was left with 1 battle. (originally confused soul display after orb purchase and battles left)

Isn’t that 3300 for just the Orb of Power without the troop? (day 1)

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There is no maximum for Tier, right?

My plan is to buy Carmina, pet, and Orb of power once, so 1,300 Lost Souls.

According to my calculation, I just need to spend 50 gems on first 4 days, so just 200 gems total, and I will get everything I want by the end of the event. Not expensive at all!

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it doesn’t seem like it, but it gets very expensive very quickly

This is the Power of Gems!

I haven’t run the numbers for maxing the pet, but buying 3 tiers per day seems like a decent choice. It’s 300 gems, so just do that instead of buying the dungeon offer for these two weeks. Gives you 12 attempts per day * 14 days. Orb of power on day 4, 1x legendary on day 6.

Edit: Actually, you only need to buy the pet 5 times, so it’s a lot cheaper than I originally thought.

1300 souls takes 53 battles, 42 from free battles and then yeah you could just by 1 booster pack a day for 4 days

I can see how there’s a further option of doing all your free battles and only buying a few days gem packs to top up and just wait til the end of the event to gain enough souls from the free battles.

Hmmmm I may need to reword my labels to say Combined Cheapest and Fastest way. Rather than just saying its cheapest - Edit done. I used you method of having a little patience and waiting until the end of the event to reach your desired Lost Souls rather than my initial method of whats the quickest way i can reach this with minimal/ just 1 shop purchase daily.

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I think the trickiest part of this event is that you have to actually be around for 14 days because saving this event for the last few days gets very expensive otherwise. Also, it feels weird having to play this event for the legendary troop when they gave away a troop for Halloween last year in the Adventure Board.

Pointless event thoughts

Its not that I’m expecting a free gift every time, but it seems like they’re going to do this instead for holidays from now on seems rather… idk. It feels both good and bad.

I mean, if you lose the battle, you lose the sigil right?

Realistically speaking, some people travel during the holidays right? and this event type is specifically a holiday event.

The troop/pet will be around after the event so its not totally the end of the world, but still…

Between this and the kingdom pass asking people to be around, it truly is starting to ask for a lot of daily commitment.


Will 9 battles every day be enough to buy everything in the store?