Lost Souls of Carmina Event Guide

I’m updating the graphics now for a few cheaper ways:


checking now for you

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2 Options for you incase you want to throw an orb on carmina

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So, how are we expected to get the pet to mythic?
@Kafka @Jeto @Steiner_Math [ → Professor Scott Steiner Typography - YouTube ]
Any plans?

@Hawx thank you for this topic. Surely helps the people using this forum!


There is hints that 1 copy of the pet may be available from outside the event. I think that’s why they have left it at 30 copies because everyone will have access to 1 copy from ‘something’, maybe an adventure board or free calendar gift

No problems at all, I enjoy nerding out with stats and events. I sat at the PC yesterday working all this out for like 8 hours, my head was scrambled by the end and I got told I’d probably try to eat soup with a knife haha


So maybe like a Welcome to 6.6 login bonus? Seems like it’d be too late for a Day 7 bonus of a Flash Offer week if it hasn’t happened today.

yeah very likely, Welcome to 6.6, hey here’s some fire red map backgrounds, a splattering of bugs and a cute pet :speak_no_evil:


So if I want one copy of troop and one copy of pet and orb and maybe armor it’s 1800 souls. And +1 orb it’s 2600 souls. Can u please count for me this numbers? I don’t aim to get it on day one! Day 14 is ok.

If you’re on mobile/PC, does it unlock the achievement on both platforms? Or only the platform you actually bought the Orb of Power on?

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you can only buy the orb once unfortunately


I’m 99% sure only the platform you buy it on. There are to be more of these events however so i guess grab it on steam this time and then on mobile next holiday event.


Yes, as someone that plays on Steam and Android, that is typically how these achievements work.

In other news, I just remembered that Legends Reborn was a thing and I forgot to complete it yesterday. Joy.

Hawx…does your math include the level up every 5 battles? Is there any breakpoints we need to worry about on this or as long as I want to max pet…one copy troop and achievement should I just leave it at tier 1 or 2?

They should be able to make it a check when you just visit the shop, and not rely on the action of purchasing the orb. I’m fairly sure there was another achievement that was unlocked like that on both platforms.

Doing 3 battles every day without upgrading to the next tier each time would give you just 840 currency.

If you look at hawx’ grafic you can easily see that the requirement for troop at legendary + pet at (pseudo) mythic costs 900 currency. So I’m pretty sure, she did the math behind and added +1 every 5 battles.
Thx @Hawx :+1:

Sad Sidenote:
Nobody ingame will know about the +1 currency every 5 battles until they get there. Which will make some people probably make false assumptions.
But hey, that’s GoW.
Good job again lovely devs
:kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

2nd Sidenote:

They now ignore the translation of the word “purple” into german at all


At least you remembered on your own: I had to find out through your post how I totally missed the last day of that event.
:sweat_smile: :vulcan_salute:


Yeah as @CaptainAwesome said, my guides are based on you will power up every 5 battles and no losses.

If you wanted not to power up and stick at the Tier 1 20 lost souls per battle then just add up all the lost souls you need and divide by 20 to see how many battles that is. Then it will be a case of comparing that number to if it fits into 3 battles a day (free) 42 battles is the max, 6 battles a day (free and 1 bonus pack) 84 battles max, and so on. Hopefully that makes sense


Hm, I need 2200 souls.

Thank You @Hawx, great guide as always!

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This should be what you need then :ok_hand:


@Hawx can you calculate this configuration for me please?

Troop (Legendary), Pet (Mythic), Armor, Power Orb

EDIT: Nevermind: It matches the 2,200 number above.