Halloween Event: Lost Souls of Carmina

Originally published at: Halloween Event: Lost Souls of Carmina – Gems of War

Halloween Event For the next 2 weeks we will have the Lost Souls of Carmina event. Win Battles against Darkstone Enemies to earn Lost Souls that can be spent in the Event Shop for Rewards. New Legendary Troop: Carmina The featured reward in the Lost Souls of Carmina is the Legendary Troop, Carmina. Other Rewards…

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Here’s a link to my Event Guide


Important details for the new Holiday Events and how Battle attempts work:


I like that gem count. how do I get some of that? :partying_face:


Absolutely no mention about whether/when the new troop is available in chests?

  • It should be clearly stated (none of that “3 to 4 weeks/months” ambiguity)

  • It should be announced in-game (“players shouldn’t have to rely on external sources” was promptly used as the excuse to nerf the new dungeon RNG)

  • It should be programmed to be released on the date conveyed, irrespective of holidays or whims (btw, how’s Medusa doing?.. Xenith?.. Tower…? …)

…but this is IP2…
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So not only it is on an external site instead of in-game, but it’s also buried in the update notes and not even highlighted in the event post?

Ok then
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I’m sorry we forgot to include the info in the blog. It was a simple mistake.

I will edit it in tomorrow, right now we have things that are higher priority and we don’t have enough people to delegate that to this second. We are very small team.

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Still nothing happened here but we got new bugs added to the pool:

  • red screen/flashes
  • chat/settings unavailable in battle
  • empty world event shop
  • missing weekly event shop

Special missings:

  • still no ingame information on world event battle scoring
  • still no exact ETA for just released troops/tarot/pets

Probably could’ve fixed the blog post in the time it took you to write the explanation - just saying.


Justifications and changing things that benefit the playerbase tend to come first indeed.

Not to forget the size of the ‘team’, often small when they get overwhelmed by the inevitable consequences of their (lack of) QA et al, yet selectively large when some messages need to reach from mods to devs.
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Xenit is in chests.


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Honestly, the blog isn’t really sufficient.

You have a simple mechanism for announcing such things in the game. Please use it.

Every other mobile game I play includes all news within the game. It’s hard to understand why you can’t. And why you can’t automate new troop additions to chests, along with the in-game news to announce them, as @AMT suggested.


Will the armour be available another way at a later date? Or exclusive to this event?

Don’t gamble on the possibilty to get the armour cheaper or at all after the event ends. It may never be available anymore, just like some warbands that are out of rotation.

But I feel it is more likely for the armour to periodically return each year during this time of year as a ca$h offer.

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Does the Gem cost to buy extra battles reset daily as well. If not it could get very costly indeed.

Yes, goes back to 50gems everyday

Already in the announcement

Yeah my bad I missed that when I read the message on the event , to quick for my own good

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