Lost of traits when raise power level


When I raise the power level of a Kingdom, i have sometimes problèms : my troops lost some traits…

When you reach the power level 4, you need to have 7 troops with 3 traits.
To reach the power level 6, you need to have 11 troops with 3 traits
But when i look to reach the power level 6 :

It’s like i have lost traits : normaly i have at least 7 troops with 3 traits.

Thanks for your help

Any chance those kingdoms got grandfathered into the new power system several months ago? The old power system didn’t need any traits unlocked, if you had enough troops leveled up you could skip the current power level 4 requirement.

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No… i pass my time in exploration to get stones to raise the power of my kingdoms which were very low level after this update… it’s very strange.