Lost my event key wins!

as the server was going down, i spent my 34 event keys. It showed that i won 2 of the new Monoliths and my first Infernal King along with 10 or so incubuss. Logging in after the servers are back up, i have 0 keys and none of these troops that i just one. I believe that i also lost my glory and gem finds but those are not as easy to determine as i don’t know the exact counts of those troops that i had.

What do i do here?


Send the support team a ticket and they’ll probably get you taken care of pretty quickly. I imagine they’re pretty busy right now, but it shouldn’t take more than a day or two at most.

cool thanks. first issue like this that i have seen :frowning:

Click the Gear icon on the Map screen which takes you to the Game Settings. At the bottom, there is a set of Links, one of which bops you over to the support site :slight_smile: