Lost Gold Post-Battle After Link to GoW server temporarily lost


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

After winning a battle, the Victory sign comes up and I wait the few seconds for the ‘tap to continue’ message to arise. Instead of this happening a message saying it cannot connect comes up. I press the ‘retry’ button, it connects and continues with the process, but instead of awarding me the full gold (as per the initial ante) it instead gives me just the gold earned during the battle itself (i.e. in my recent battle with Cholyz (?) where the ante was 1,400 gold, I won only 92 Gold after winning, instead of 2,800+).

This has been an issue since I began playing GoW, but it seems to have been becoming more & more frequent. Today it has occurred 3 times alone, costing >6k gold (as well as the ante).

What are the steps to make it happen again?

No particular pattern. Did initially think it was an issue with the iPhone 5s switching between Wifi & 3G/4G, but today it has occurred without this.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

This is from earlier today, in a farming battle, where my valkyrie’s had ensured plenty of 4 & 5 gem matches to produce gold. In this example, even the gold earned during the battle was not awarded.

Anyone getting incorrect gold from pvp?

We’ll have look into this.

In the meantime I want to you to try to keep a record after you have one of these battles, write down how much gold you should have gotten and how much you have. Then quit the game and reload it, double check how much gold you have compared to when you quit.

I want to make sure the issue isn’t that the game is displaying 0 but it actually giving the gold and not updating until you restart the game.


I can confirm that the game is not giving me the gold on these occasions.

I’m usually doing a run of PvP battles in order to reach the 15k to buy the 50 gold chests.

This is a different issue to when the game “crashes” as I recall when I restart the app on those occasions the gold has been awarded.


Happened twice more while on the subway (out of just a handful of total matches). Seems to be a glitch when connectivity to your server times out (between iPhone sources of data such as 3G/4G and Wifi). Gold during battle, traitstones, glory & experience all appear to still be awarded, but the gold linked to the original ante is not.

Got less gold than should have from a Revenge battle

@Nimhain - this issue is still occurring. Any news on a fix?


I have encountered this as well.


Unfortunately no updates yet, the majority of the team came back on Monday, so there’s a bit of backlog at the moment as we try to sort through everything.


Ok. No worries. Just wanted to check if it was still on a ‘to-resolve’ list of some sort.


This thing keeps happening to me as well a lot lately… More specifically, it happened to me in every other battle ( about 5 times out of 10 battles ) in the past hour. It says it lost connection and then gives me +0 gold as a reward…

The server seems to a bit non-responsive in general. Iam experiencing extremely long wait times before the game loads up when I start it (not battles, the entire game) and also random losing of connections all over the place… opening chests seems laggy, collecting hourly rewards / tributes sometimes triggers this error as well.

I play on steam btw.


Are you playing on multiple devices?
Or are many people playing simultaneously on the same account?


I play from two devices (my PC and my notebook), but both use the same steam account and I have never even tried to play simultaneously from them (dont think steam allows multiple logins at the same time). Nobody else is playing from my account or my devices (its my own computer and laptop).

Error - trying to contact the server - losing rewards

I’ve also had this issue several times today. Same thing I have to click retry and then I only get like 300 gold from a battle that should have given me 3000.


Started seeing this too since last night on iPhone. I’m getting a lot of “Your connection to the server has timed out” pop ups after winning PvP invades. Most of the time, the expected gold payout appears after I tap Retry. But twice, it’s only shown a tiny fraction of the gold I expected (probably just whatever was generated from 4/5 matches). I wasn’t actually paying close attention to my gold total pre-battle, so I’m not sure if the server actually awarded it or not. I took screen captures each time and noted down roughly what the enemy should have awarded, so I have the timestamps if you want to check with the server logs.


@MrSammy - only playing on a single device (iPhone 5s).