Anyone getting incorrect gold from pvp?


I’ve noticed in several pvp battles I am not receiving the correct gold. My current gold bonus is 3.25 and I am winning amounts that are equivalent to something I would get if I lost??? Anyone else having this issue?


This issue was raised yesterday.
See this post: Lost Gold Post-Battle After Link to GoW server temporarily lost:


Care to provide actual numbers?

  • what was announced as reward
  • what you paid to enter
  • what you got at end


Same, was getting 200gold instead of the usual 2k gold, was happening yesterday with a lot of “lost link” spam as well …

All back to normal this morning though, but no lost links :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems chaos ensues when links to the server are troublesome (there are reports of guild tasks not taking gold, rewards not being given correctly, funny AI glitches, etc)!