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Looks like you owe me a vault key

My game today and for the past few days has been running like crap. Not all the time, but off and on. It’s super slow loading battles with request time out errors.
I’ve gotten the server down error a couple times. Then I just used a vault key and halfway thru the battle I got the error where it tells you to restart the game. So… I’m assuming I lost a vault key because of that. Any ideas on what to do, or is anyone else having slow down or server issues?

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I have had trouble for the past week. The gems just spin and spin after battles then times out and once I hit retry it goes through. I have played less because of it. Both in time after every battle and just not logging in so I won’t have to deal with it. I’ve tried clearing my cache and reinstalling. Nothing has worked. Luckily, I haven’t lost a key like you…yet

Yeah it’s been doing the same thing on my game for roughly a week now too. My game also freezes during vault events when trying to go to a different kingdom. It’s done that for at least 5 months now. Support has looked into it twice, but I’ve given up on it being fixed. I can’t handle the slow server crap though.