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Looking for a PC guild

I am a heavy PS4 player, though I have a secondary account on PC I am looking for a really good guild…well better than what I have had…I have been in 4 already that has not even completed ONE guild task…

I am only level 19 at the moment…but moving up quick as I am new to playing it on the PC… I donate to guilds on a regular basis, though it will be slow at the start since I am still low level

though I am level 150 roughly on PS4 with an amazing guild…so I know the ins and outs of the game fairly well

Invite code is ICONOCLAST 1

If you think you can PvP to rank 1 each week we would be happy to have you.

We are currently a level 33 Guild at Rank 1688. We currently have 11 spots open and plan to fill them as soon as possible. We have a Daily Bonus of +100% Gold and our current members do donate regularly.