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Looking for a guild with gold requirements only

I am looking for a guild with gold requirements only and with 25-29 members because I am not looking for a “dead” guild

I am not interested in a guild with no requirements, with seal requirements or trophy requirements!

I do not like PvP but I always have 200-300K gold per week to donate from doing other things besides PvP.


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What platform you playing

Just a suggestion @illusion

You might want to reconsider looking for a guild without seal requirements. If you are making 200-300k extra gold to donate, then you are probably earning enough seals to meet some of the lighter guild requirements.

You might miss out on a great guild that has an opening but does ask for 500-700 seals, just something to think about.

Good Luck finding a Guild! :wink:

Mobile platform

Thanks for suggestion, my current guild is asking 667 seals and I can’t keep up :>

I use wings pack to get gold & I’m VIP 5 so I can get good gold with vip chest :slight_smile:

I also need Guild with only Gold req. I’m very busy next few months so I can’t play much. I can donate 200+k/week (PC/mobile platform)