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Looking for a casual guild (One found)

Looking for a casual guild right now, i’ve been playing the game for a while now in a solo guild and managed to get up to Silver 1 rank by myself, however, I realise to get further, I need to join a guild.

I can’t always get on, but I do try to at least do the weekly event and I have four kingdoms at level 10 and near a 5th.

I will PM you my invite code if I AM interested in your guild. As of writing I’m still in that solo guild and can’t leave it until tomorrow, but feel free to contact me before then.

We are looking for members. We are in the top 250 and have a lot of spaces and quite a few inactive members. So, even if you can’t be super active you are welcome to the guild. My GT is ImFlabalicious

Thank you for your interest, already found a place though.