Localised Hawx's Soulforge Graphics

For those who may of missed the announcement on the GoW Alliance Discord, Gary and I have been working together to create automated versions of my ‘upcoming soulforge weapons’ graphics. The #event-guides channel on GoW Alliance is now an announcement channel, which you can subscribe to and this will allow you to get my graphics delivered directly to your server.

Now that the graphics are automated, this allows me to create them in most of the languages supported by GoW. I have created a discord server where you can subscribe to the various languages to get localised versions of my graphics delivered directly to your discord servers. Gary, very kindly also made a translation bot so that you can ask questions in French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian … and I will be able to help you. (The bot is publicly available but not invitable for others)

Come along and say Hi on my server, chill in the ‘pre-flight lounge’, enjoy ‘in flight entertainment’ and subscribe to the announcements!

Examples of the localised graphics: