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List on the Microsoft Store for Desktop

I use Windows 10 S and Steam is not accessible. Would it be possible to make the Xbox version available for Desktop (maybe Xbox Play Anywhere) so I’ll be able to play Gems of War on Windows 10 S?

There’s Steam on the windows store. are you able to install it?

Hey @DashRendar102,

Just as an upfront warning, this process is irreversible, but you can, free of charge, upgrade Windows 10 S to the full version of Windows 10 for free from Microsoft. Windows 10 S is a simplified version of Windows 10 which only allows for Apps from the Microsoft Store to be installed on it. This is for Security (and I’m assuming battery life/hard drive space) purposes, but is limited that you cannot install any non-Microsoft Store apps on your device.

Here is the link for upgrading your Windows 10 S device. Once this is complete, you will have full access to install other applications like Steam and Gems of War on your device.

Again, once upgraded, you cannot return back to Windows 10 S, so please only upgrade if you believe it is the best choice for your device, but I’m not sure how much Microsoft advertise that you can actually upgrade to the full Windows 10 for free on your device.



So that app is actually just a mobile app to get notifications, details from the Steam Store but doesn’t allow me to install Steam or Stream games on my PC. Also, I do know how to get out of S mode but I actually get better performance/battery life while in S. The other nice thing is that apps from the Microsoft Store (including apps that are otherwise desktop apps (like iTunes) are better sandboxed when installed that way, helping keep my PC a little more junk-free. Apps also uninstall way more cleanly when they’ve been installed from the Store. Mostly I was hoping that if it wasn’t too hard to take the existing build and just submit it to the Store for PC then that would make my life easier. If not though, then I totally understand.

Having full version of Windows 10 doesn’t prevent you from only installing stuff from the Microsoft store

Follow the above suggestion to convert to normal Windows then install steam. Then keep doing what you’re doing: installing stuff from the Microsoft store. Only steam will be installed outside it

True, but once out of S mode Windows has to do a bunch of other stuff that makes it run slower, burn through battery faster, etc. Also there’s a smaller attack surface for other rogue apps. As much as Steam probably isn’t a bad actor, I suspect for DRM and otherwise Steam snakes around inside Windows a bit and I’d rather keep things clean. I only really want the game and not Steam on top of it. Releasing the game through the store forces it to cleanly install and uninstall, further keeping things clean. Just my opinion…