Linux version of Gems of War?

I’d love to be able to play Gems of War on my computer instead of just on mobile, but my OS is Ubuntu. Will there someday maybe be a Linux version?

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Maybe the android version would work with Arc Welder :
Let us know the result if you try it, I’m interested to know…

I hope so, also one for nintendo as well. Seriously i want to play this on the nintendo.

I thought all Linux users were forced tinkerers by definition :wink:

Gems of War PC runs fine under WINE on Linux, Gems of War Android runs fine under AndroVM and Andy OS on Linux …

No real need for a separate version … although it wouldn’t be too difficult for the Devs to compile for Linux from their Android version …


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I managed to get it working in WINE! Yay!

I haven’t tried it but I’m guessing it would work fine under Andy on Mac OS X as well. I’ve got a couple VMs I could try, just no Windows.

Update: As of version 3.0.5, Gems of War is no longer working in WINE.

And now it works! Have to use the latest version of WINE.

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I write my novel on my Linux server. I need to unknow that I could get Gems of War working there too.

lalalalalalala (cups ears).


Whoa, I just tried running it via Wine and it works! :smiley:

I had Wine 3.1-1, and the game was running but the screen was all black.
So I updated it to 3.7-1 and now it works well!

Please explain it me:

do you run Gems through Steam for Windows in Wine or you run Gems directly in Wine?
And if you run Gems directly in Wine where can I find .exe to install in Wine?

Thank you so much!

Logan, I am using Mint. My husband helped me since I am new to Linux. I hope this helps.

Steps to play Gems of War for Windows on Linux:

  1. Install Lutris and run it
  2. Click the gear icon next to “runners”
  3. Scroll down to Wine Steam and click the green “install runner” button
  4. Wine will remind you to install the “Mono” package. Install it.
  5. Wine will remind you to install the “Gecko” package. Install that.
  6. On my attempt, it asked to install “Gecko” again. Install again.
  7. May not show Wine Steam in installed runners. Close Lutris and reopen. It should be there upon reopen.
  8. Click the plus sign “+” near the top of Lutris’ main screen, and choose “add game”
  9. Fill in the name of the game (“Gems of War”) - this is only cosmetic
  10. Make sure “Wine Steam” is chosen as the runner.
  11. Click “Game Options” tab.
  12. Enter ApplicationID: 329110 - this can be found for any game by viewing the game’s profile page on Steam web site. The id should appear in the URL. Example: --> 329110 <-- /Gems_of_War__Puzzle_RPG/
  13. Click Save
  14. Click Play on Lutris’ main screen.
  15. Sign into Steam
  16. It will ask you to add shortcuts on your machine and agree to EULA.
  17. Install should begin. Click finish when completed.
  18. May need to close and reopen Lutris box.
  19. First run, may need to login to Steam. When choosing Gems of War, game may need to install updates.