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[LIKELY NOT A BUG] Weekly Event Out-of-sync

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC (Steam), Windows 10 x64

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
That error force me to restart the game when I was battle in the current World Event. After restarting and continue the event, the same error coming randomly. This error message only shown after I winning a battle. I’m afraid that my sigils got wasted.


Is there a possibility that you are trying to log in or are logged in on another device?

Like phone?

I used to get such error when I was logged on PC and logged in on my phone.

Also used to get such error, when using very unstable internet connection.

I have no other device. I mainly play on my netbook. That’s all.

My guild mate faced this error during his lvl 500 pure faction attempt in the new faction during the weekend.

I haven’t done pure faction like your guild mate. I only farming resource at City of Thieves level 20. So, idk about that :man_shrugging:

How often are you experiencing this issue, and how stable is your connection?

We haven’t had any server downtime in the last few days.

I had that more than 3 times. My guildmate told me that the “out-of-synch” was by the rain. And that issue is gone, for now.

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Did you link your account to any service that offers some kind of data inspection, like pulling guild performance numbers? Whenever they run in parallel to your gaming session they can cause you to go out-of-sync.

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I didn’t use other services. Nothing else.

Today I met this issue during my fights in the “Fungal Growth” event.
After a quick question about it global a couple of people confirmed that it happened to them, furthermore it happened to them in a certain way as it happened to me.
I got 2 errors.

  1. “Unable to complete SSL …” can’t remember the whole message.
  2. When I wanted to start the battle, during battle loading I got the “Your game is out-of-sync”
    I lost one sigil now, not a big deal, loosing a gw battle due to this is a whole different thing.

I hope this helps to resolve this issue.

I had similar issue last night while playing treasure hunt. I didn’t touch other device or refresh any data.