[Reported] Out-of-Sync error

Platform, device version and operating system:
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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
After a World Event battle, got an out-of-sync error which forces me to restart the game and lose the sigils twice.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happened last week once after clicking “to battle” button (pre-battle loading screen) and twice today at the end of a World Event battle.

Steps to make it happen again
Play the game. (World Event battles?)

Several people on our discord have been reporting this issue recently.
Happened only before/after World event battles for me so far but makes us worried about upcoming Guild Wars battles…

*It is not about having the game running on another device. At least in my case I’m 100% sure the game wasn’t already running on another device.


I got out-of-sync error during previous delve (the one with potions fixed). Cost me one sigil. Happened when I switched medals between battles. I haven’t gotten “out-of-sync” in a long time before that, so I found it weird.

About 6-8 out-of-sync error today : event battle, PvP, exploration etc. ‘only’ 3 or 4 last week after the update. It’ll be hard on Guild Wars, please fix!

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can confirm like others: happens in all game modes

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I also got the error. All my tasks got reset to 0 but I still have the stars for having completed them

I am also experiencing both Out of Sync and Failure to Contact Server issues.

If this I lose a Guild Wars battle because of a sync error, so help me god…

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Same problem on ps4 here since last week * starts with long loading time * then after battle no victory but out of sync or to long to connect server retry and then view battles later server error Cliffy, I have lost sigils and today a delve! It feels far from fine to start Guild Wars with this problems!

I also got same issue twice today which forced me to restart game. First time - in the 3rd dungeon battle, second time - in explore.

Cross sharing!

Please note, specifically for the World event/sigil issue. If you are experiencing an issue in the Campaign, we are also reporting that issue to the team as well, but to save any confusion between threads and reporting player numbers can we keep those reports in any existing threads also reporting that issue.

The CX crew is in the process of grabbing these threads & tickets currently.

On switch platform, many players are complaining about out-of-sync repeating issues. Lost of them have lost underworld sigils or arenas… and guild war is starting today… no issue with the campaign as far as I know.