Level 150 player LFG

Hi there. I can provide 1500 seals/week but as I’m still raising my kingdoms so I can’t contribute gold at the moment. Invite code is FISTJAMMER.

Feel free to ask any questions if you want more info. I’m already in a guild so I’m not sure if I have to leave that one first. The guild is mostly inactive so I feel as though I’m contributing much more than my fair share at the moment.

What platform are you playing on?

You’ll need to leave your current guild before anyone can invite you, but wait until someone has an offer for you.

Oh I’m playing on PC/Mobile. Thanks :slight_smile:

Good luck, I added “PC/Mobile” category to this thread.

You are welcome to join Myrmidons. We are still building up our membership (9 members at the moment) so we don’t ask too much of our new recruits, but my friend and I donate enough gold to complete about 40 tasks and also give 1500 seals each. Minimum level of activity we ask is 500 seals per week. Some of our recruits are also levelling kingdoms so we do not require any gold contribution from lower level players. We are currently at Guild Level 33, Champion II (+110% Bonus). Members range from level 15 to 600.

You sound like a good fit for the Elders. Recruitment thread here [CLOSED] The Elders Recruitment Thread.

Good luck, whatever guild you decide to join.

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