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The Elders are looking for a new member. [PC/Mobile]

Edit: We are now full.

The Elders are an active, friendly guild. We are often in the in game chat with discussion of strategies for weekly events (optional Discord too). We get 40k seals each week, and usually complete weekly events. If you’re not in a guild already, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the rewards you’ll get after joining us (keys, shards, gems, etc…). Early on, I took a long time to finally join a good guild, and I was kicking myself when I realized what I had been missing.

Our ‘requirements’ aren’t bad at all, and if you’re lower level, you don’t need to contribute any gold. You can focus on leveling your kingdoms to 10 first. The requirements are 60k gold and 600 seals per week. If you play even a moderate amount, then 600 seals will be no problem. And, 60k gold is nothing for mid to higher level players. Most of us voluntarily contribute a lot more than that to increase rewards for all of us.

If you’d like to join us, reply here or send me a message. You’ll need to leave your current guild and send me your invite code.