Last Challenge will not Play Again

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Doing the last Challenge battle in Adana, at the end of the battle I was expecting to be offered to Play Again (first screenshot, from Adana Challenge 3). But it didn’t; it only gave me the option to Continue (second screenshot), which dropped me back to the list of Challenges.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
First time I noticed, but a little bit of testing tells me the following:

  1. Always happens for me with Adana challenge 7 and Broken Spire challenge 7.
  2. Sometimes happens with other challenges (eg: I’d previously tested Adana challenge 5 and it was fine, but when I tried it again for the screenshot, it also showed the same bug).
  3. Skipping through the Victory screen (or not) makes no difference.
  4. Exiting the kingdom and returning doesn’t seem to help.

Steps to make it happen again
Play a Challenge battle, especially the last in a Kingdom. See what options the Victory screen gives.

While this happened immediately for Adana challenge 7, I can think of two things that might be bugging out.

  1. The last Challenge of every Kingdom may think there’s nowhere left to go next. This might be the legacy of the way Challenges used to exit back to the menu after every battle, and would suggest that the patch is incomplete. (But this doesn’t explain why battle 5 is now doing this too.)

  2. There might be a hidden counter that resets on game start or when the Challenge patch was applied. Once the counter is maxed out, the buggy behaviour kicks in.

Explaining why challenge 5 is bugging out the same way now, when it wasn’t the first time I played it, is difficult. Regardless, I wonder whether the Play Again feature for Challenges was tested beyond reaching 5 stars, when it was implemented.

While I’m here: some Challenge display bugs, in the next post…


For every Kingdom, there are two further issues with Challenges, which may or may be bugs; may of may not be smart.

First, if you open a Kingdom, click Challenges, click Fight! on any challenge, then back out, it backs all the way out to the Kingdom screen. It seems more sensible and consistent to back out to the Challlenge screen (the one that shows all the Challenges).

Second, the challenge levels have always been out of synch with the graphics (screenshot below). The challenge shield clearly bear the number IV, suggesting I’ve completed tier 4 of the challenge, rather than tier 5, as I actually have. This used to also be a problem on the Victory screen for every challenge: the Victory screen used to show the number of stars with which you went into the battle rather than the number you had just achieved. Either this has been fixed, or (more likely, as I recall), it’s showing 5 stars because I had 5 when I entered the kingdom – but all my Challenges are complete, so I can’t test this.

Both of these bugs have been a very confusing element of the game since I started playing about a year ago. Neither appears on the Known Bugs List.

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