Krystenax - Bejeweled

It would be nice to see how many of each color gems there are when you cast Bejeweled, like it shows for Queen Mab how many blue there is when you cast Nevermore. That would help a lot.

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They introduced a gem counter that doesn’t work correctly. But now they have bigger problems. So I’m sure this is on the back burner. But I certainly agree. I use Krys quite often.

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I agree that Krystenax, Astral Spirit, etc. would benefit from a counter. For whatever reason (maybe real estate?), the counter doesn’t show for the “destroy/remove any” troops. While it’s a neat UI affordance, I find myself ignoring it for converters, since the configuration of Gems is more important than the number (as I am trying to chain 4). I find the only troop that really benefits is the “13 or more Gems” type like Mab.


I figure it would be easier to just have a display option that just shows the count for ALL colors. I imagined this to be an option that can be turned on/off like Mana numbers.

Then if you want it, you can have it and if not no worries.