Krystara Fried Chicken (Weekly Event Post)

Devs no longer care about posting this stuff here so thought I would do it myself :laughing:


The devs usually don’t introduce the Campaign Mythic ie. Fairy Gobmother until towards the end of the campaign, but then again have any of their decisions as of late made any sense :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5:

tagging @Developer for this, what happened that caused the reduced service?

no QA, no weekly announcement, no streaming, no communication.


It’s harder for this company to hide its questionable practices here in Forums, so a monodirectional channel of communication would make sense for their monetization purposes.

Meanwhile, if players will be reposting the official announcements here, maybe we could get @Fourdottwoone 's Weavergate et al disclaimer to be included in these, so hopefully some new players can still be made aware of what they are signing up for if they choose to open their wallets to this company.
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I find it funny that they haven’t posted their new campaign forum post yet.


A game as healthy as its chicken. Totally fried. And full of fowl problems.

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I try to replicate it, a guildmate here trigger the new gem, but instead of giving him mana, the mana went to the enemies :joy:
So… seems it worked as intended…

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Faerie G.
x2 (54 points) at lvl110
x1.44 (39 points) at lvl160 and lvl190

H.K. Irongut
x1.33 (40 points) at lvl100

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Not being able to use the troop that gives 50% Mana to knights during an event week only for Knights is part of the reason World Events are a joyless grind.

If you’re going to insist on AI running the game. At the very least make sure it’s smart AI please.


I had something similar in arena. Enemy trickered the wish gem and we both ended up with full mana on all troops. Not sure tho if there was 2 explosions

When destroyed Wish Gems will do one of five things:
1)Completely fill the Mana of one random Ally
2) Completely fill the Mana of two random Allies
3) Completely fill the Mana of three random Allies
4) Completely fill the Mana of all Allies
5) Completely fill the Mana of all Allies and Enemies


Edited to add Luther


So it’s a 1/5 chance to give the enemy mana, assuming these are equal probabilities? That feels … not so bad? random, but with outcomes that overall favor the player.

It’s unfortunate that the phrasing in Luther’s popup makes it sound like a 1/2 chance: either you get some mana, or you and the enemy get mana.


The A. I was programmed by the devs, so yeah. And lets all remember they want to sell a season pass…

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I had an issue with these new Wish Gems last night:

I was doing the Campaign Guild Event, my team does NOT include an exploder, as the troop selection for this event is total poop: The AI kept spawning these gems and the board was filling up with them and i could not do anything to get rid of them.

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Somewhat relatedly, I’m happy the no-moves-left-game-freezes bug was actually fixed.