More items for purchase this time around so plan your battles/packs purchases according to what you want/need


Damn… New offer are way overpriced. :sweat_smile:

I don’t see anything I want beside new Legendary troop, so I will just play everyday without spending gem or money.

But if you plan to get pets or other stuff, calculate how much Currency you need first, then plan your gem spending with my chart.

For example, if you need all pets and all Kris Krinkle (don’t want to spend minor ascension), then it’s 800+500 = 1,300 Currency.

That will require 4 extra day to reach, so you have to play and win 3 battles everyday, and spend 50 gems on the first 4 days to save gems.

Premium Golden battles complicated thing a bit lot, but it’s just 10 extra every battles, so calculate the plan yourself should be easy enough manageable enough of you know how to do it.

Edit : change the data to include the shift caused by golden battle.


Sorry guys - my original pic had a mistake in the calculation. I’ve edited now - If you’ve posted it somewhere. Please make sure to replace with this version.

@TimeKnight there is 1 free golden battle so I think that’s where our calculations differ.


Oh my… You’re right. My table was made on Halloween event, so I just slap 30 on top and be done with it, without considering that leveling up will now be 1 battle faster, shifting the whole thing. Edited the original post!

Our number at 84 85 battles (14+14 day *3 +1) is still not the same somehow though, mine was 20 more.

Can’t check on farther, as I don’t know the formula to calculate that, just do it manually. :rofl:

Last event was limited, so I just ended the table on when you can get everything, but now it’s endless…

Edit : Now it’s the same. Nice! :+1:

Will the free golden battle be given every day?

I calculated in terms of number of battles played so 3 per day + 1 golden battle.
Golden Battle is +10 flat but also counts as 1 extra battle so we 14x3 for free + 1 = 43 battles.

But you’re right my formula was not getting the proper cells so I’ll edit once more :sweat_smile:

At this point I need to mention I’m really bad at math


Sadly no. We only get 1 today. All extras are for $$$


Me too. :joy:

Calculating how often I have to buy extra is not my favorite thing to do. Last time I bought too much. Overspending sucks. :sweat_smile:

Is there only one copy of Krinkle’s Golden Toy Bag for 200 Ice Crystals? Only 31 copies are needed :exploding_head:

You can get more but they are locked behind buying
5 additional golden battles.

Krinkle’s Golden Toy Bag: This cosmetic pet can be earned by fully purchasing all stock for Krinkle’s Toy Sack or by purchasing the Golden Holiday Battle Pack 5 times.

So I can’t buy 31 copies of Krinkle’s Golden Toy Bag without buying the Golden Holiday Battle Pack 5 times? Can I buy 31 times by redeeming one copy?

Looks like yes but you will need to buy the non-golden pet 5 times first

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You can buy Golden Bag as many times as you want (1 copy for 200 currency) after buying all 5 regular pet offers.


Sorry I lost that bit when I was editing my last post.

Everything I want to buy would cost me 1600 event currency. So if I’m reading your chart correctly, I would need to spend 50 gems on 7 days and just do free sigils on the other 7 days. Is this correct?


63 battles is 1626 crystals
We get 43 for free so you need 20 more - That’s 1 pack for 7 days I believe yes


Thank you for your speedy response Lev. Greatly appreciated. :blush::+1:


Thanks for highlighting the replacement offers. I would never have spotted that!

I mean, unlimited Medals of Anu is brilliant, but who would think they’re hidden behind something so pointless as Traitstones?!


It appears that we want to buy the same items.
Thx @Lev your reply also helps me out.

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I don’t know how to play the event tbh.
Do the bells fill up every day? Both: Silver and gold one?
Is it better to fight higher level opponents for higher rewards or is it best to fight lower level for easier fights?
Also: There’s a green “+”-symbol at the golden bell. But when I click on it nothing happens. What is this “+” good for?