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Yes, silver bells fill up to 3 every day. Golden do not.

All battles give the same rewards, pick whichever one you’re more likely to win.

The “+” next to the golden bell should open up this:

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Thank you so much for reply!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Click on + doesn’t let something special happen. I’m a Switcher. Maybe a Switch exclusive bug.
Btw: At the moment a guild mate (also Switch obviously) tells me that nothing happens when he clicks, too.

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Please forgive me if I missed this in the thread. I know you said twice that your calculations were wrong. I was double-checking the math, and I believe that your calculations are still wrong. No Ill will here, just a kind criticism in hopes of getting to the correct calculations. The chart below (my chart) only shows the points attainable without purchasing extra battles. The chart also does not show points for any golden battles. Since there is only one free golden battle for the duration of the event, you can add 10 points to 997.

Someone please take a look and let me know if I need to retake math!


Not twice, once. The other time I’m just comparing my number to Lev.

And I have to edit it once because I make the same mistake you do. Golden battle can be confusing, as you should take it on the first day for faster progress, and it will ended up shifting the whole table one cell faster, because you do 4 battles on the first day instead of your usual 3.

First of all, your total was wrong, because on the 8th day, your result for 24*3 is 73 instead of actual 72. Did you calculate it manually instead of using Sum formula? :sweat_smile: Total should be 996 instead then.

With golden battle, you ended up with 996+10 = 1,006 because you didn’t consider that shift, and the base point itself. That’s 28 missing for the final result, adding them up to 1,006+28 = 1,034, just like mine and Lev’s number.

And don’t worry about wanting to make sure the math is correct. I can be bad at math too, that’s why I relied on good data management and a formula to do the actual math for me. With all numbers laid out, it’s hard to have any errors anymore.


Table for Krinklemas


Guys, thanks a lot for the valuable information!

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So… how should I aproach my gem spending if I want to do most optimal way?

I want:

A single copy of legendary 400
Armor 500
1st pet 500

And I’d like to have the other pet mythic aswell, but it looks like pretty expensive as a single copy costs 200 of the event currency…

400+500+500+200 = 1,800 1,600.

So 450 350 Gems, 50 Gems each for the first 9 days week.

This plan also give you the first copy of Krinkle’s Golden Toy Bag, for collection purpose. If you really, really want to get it to Mythic, it might be better to spend real money on Golden Battles.

Otherwise, according to Lev’s table, you need to earn 6,000 more Currency, so the total is 7,800 7,600. And that will take around 4,200 - 7,000 gems to do. Quite a spike in gem price.

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Thanks mate! Yeah see I can do simple math myself too, I was just checking if I missed something relevant.

I indeed want the extra pet mythic, and the optimal way for ME might be to just buy those golden battles, if we start to dig and look at the past gem per dollar ratios and pet to mythic prices. I think this is the cheapest pet to mythic so far we have seen.

And before you think I am lunatic, I want to point out I want to collect literally everything, including cosmetic pets at mythic.

Devs have taken couple steps to the right direction in the past few updates so I genuinely think they earned my tenner. :smile:


Aren’t you happy Minion Orb is now a thing? :grin:

In unique case, you can just buy one copy of Golden Bag, and use Major Minion on it. Will save you a lot of real money, gems, and even some headache. :wink:

Told you guys I’m bad at math. :see_no_evil:

Edited the original post!

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Those Orbs are incredibly rare and there are some kingdoms where you can be cosmetic pet blocked on the power levels, so I’d definitely save those Orbs on those pets.

I know some hating boomers around here will have steam coming out of their ears when they read this but tenner is not much really and again, devs deserve some positive feedback every now and then, instead of the constant bashing. :blush:


Oh and Levy and Timeknight, thanks for these spreadsheets btw, much appreciated! Peace

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For those who want to go over the top :see_no_evil:

If you believe that this game is worth spending money on then do it. Don’t let anyone else try to convince you otherwise. And yes, $10 for a maxed pet is way better than $80.