Holiday Event: Krinklemas


Yeah, thought so for the pet. Should also have asked if we can get it to mythic with event currency - though I highly doubt anyone would.

Yeah you can, its just expensive though.
500 currency to get the initial pet.
Then 200 per copy after that, 31 copies needed to mythic
6700 event currency for both pets. But the Gold one is purely cosmetic.

On the other hand its the cheapest pet I’ve seen to buy to mythic with cash, so that’s a nice pivot away from Legends reborn pricing.

Also Kafka did elude to the golden pet being in a rescue at some point. But I would ask for confirmation before relying on that.


either 6700 event currency to max the gold one…

or spend $10 to max it with Golden Holiday Battles offer.

better than Legends Reborn I guess.

Seems like a perfect use for Orbs of Minions. I’ll be stopping at one copy of the Golden pet, most likely.

Sadly, all those $10 FOMO purchases will likely encourage yet more of this behavior in the future.


How much event currency do these bundles cost?

See Krinklemas.

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In short, way too much. :sweat_smile:

White Pet food are pretty much useless, golden pet are just cosmetics collector thing, so it doesn’t matter. Want to get Medal of Anu, but 700 is too much, especially after I have to buy traitstones first. And I rather craft Orb of Chaos in Soulforge with Cursed Runes inside of spending 750 for them here.

And on that note, Cursed Runes is now useful again after Orb update. After you get all the exclusive thing, the best use for them might be crafting a Major Orb of Chaos. I did a few last week, and get one Forge from them. Saved a lot of gems instead of buying 55 Forge Scrolls.


I’ll get Krinkle once and then use an orb on him to ascend him like I did with Carmina. Then since I got the orb of power last time i’ll just focus on the pets and food. This way I won’t have to spend any gems on extra battles or only have to do it a few times.

I just saw there is an info text about the golden battle energy. Whitish on a bright background. Amazing! :sweat_smile:

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Now THAT is a rare sight!

800 cost = 40 battles or less, so if you play 3 battles daily then that’s 42 battles over 2 weeks so you can actually farm one Orb of Power without any Gem spending.

I notice there is a green “+” button on the golden event sigil (what was it called again) but it didn’t seem to do anything at all when tapped.

Wait wait wait how many people need more power orbs? But yes, I guess if you need one can farm one without gems.

Everyone who wants to craft a Zuul’Goth (and whatever other Troop(s) specifically require them as crafting materials) ?

Well I meant when everything that can be made from power orbs is done what then? I would never used them on a troop ever.

They will probably continue to add around 1 new 8x power orb troop per year. That’s just speculation, but they should want to keep them desirable so people will chase leaderboards etc.


Still waiting!!!


This Krinklemas guy is such a nice guy, such a nice guy I tell ya. I want more troops giving goodies when a spell is cast just like this nice guy we got here. He’s such a nice guy, such a nice guy.

I want more troops like him. I mean giving away goodies not based on random foolishness is the way to go. More troops like him please. :sunglasses::+1:

And I don’t wanna hear any nonsense about over powered this or over powered that… bring on the troops that gives the gift that keeps on giving. Such a nice guy this Krinklemas fellow, such a nice guy… (Now as for more eggnogs) :rofl:


EDIT: I’m sober now, and this Krinklemas guy is a bad Santa, very, very bad Santa. Shame on you for getting honest players banned. You and your elves should get the boot. Very bad Santa, very, very bad.

Kris “Bad Santa” Krinkle :rage:


Krinkle continues to be confused

:point_up: Drunk Santa sees time Doubled

:point_up: Actual time left

:roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :vulcan_salute:


It’s fine - popup shows time when event shop closes (a week after battles end according to latest patch notes), the second screen shows time when ability to fight battles ends.

They should make descriptions clearer, though, to avoid exactly this kind of confusion. You understand what they mean if you know how it’s supposed to work, but somebody from the outside will clearly see it as incorrect and wrong.


So it would seem that an elf laid an egg at the Toy Factory and had blamed Kris Krinkle for it. The stink was so big no one would’ve guessed that an elf would’ve been the culprit.

To make things worse Mr. Krinkle had a “kick me”, sign attached to his back. His butt was so sore from all the kicks, he went out into the snow to cool it off.

And that’s how I met him, outside in the cold crying explaining to me that it wasn’t his fault. I told him to chillax and that we should go to the bar for some Hawaiian Iced Tea, the non alcoholic kind of course, he’s still on the job.

(Between you and me, rumor has it that the elf responbile for this mess was fed to a rock worm, don’t know if that’s true or not)


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@Jeto Kris Kringle should be in chests. Can you give us an info about it?