Kraken killing multiple units


Is it intended for kraken to kill 2 units with damage then devour the third? Because if so, well done.


Yes, this is intended. Kraken does damage before it devours, and the devour will hit whichever troop is at the bottom after the damage is done (assuming the devour goes off - it’s a 40% chance).

If the damage portion of the spell kills your bottom troop, devour will hit your 3rd troop. If the damage kills your bottom two troops, devour will hit your 2nd troop.


I think there are two separate questions here: (1) Is this mechanically how it’s been working and (2) Is this in practice how it should work? I’d say yes, then no.


I completely disagree with this statement. If this was intended then it would have behaved this way prior to Unity. With Adobe it did not act this way. The same thing goes for Emp Khorvash and Silver Drakon, they are all doing the same thing likely due to the same code.

Show me where a Dev commented on Kraken, Khorvash or Drakon and stated that this was the correct behavior please?


You do know that it’s this way for everyone so no one is gaining an advantage! If you are getting hurt by kraken put a impervious troop in bottom slot! That issue was fixed with update!


You are taking about a strategy to counter this behavior, we are talking about the functionality of the behavior itself. I should not have to come up with a strat to counter what is a broken mechanic that never worked this way in the years prior to Unity being introduced.


Fyi, this thread happened a week ago.

See also:


Perhaps it’s EK that’s now broken and it was Kraken that got fixed. EKs text reads do damage to 1st 2 enemies. Stun THEM (them referring to the 2 enemies dealt damage to, not the current 1st 2 enemies if 1 or both of the 1st 2 die).

Kraken specifically reads deal damage to last 2, create blue gems, THEN chance to devour last enemy (read literally as whatever the current last enemy is at the time when this instruction is run).

In my mind Kraken follows the instructions to a tee as they are written. Sure I’m sad when he kills 1 or 2 then eats a 2nd or 3rd, but I really don’t think this is earth shattering. It’s good for the soul to lose once in a while.


Kraken makes wulfgarok look like a chump.


Kraken and EK work the same way. The wording on the spell of EK definitely makes it appear as a bug. Either way, killing two troops then devouring or draining the third doesn’t feel balanced. IIRC Kraken can even devour TDS’ or IK’s respawn.


I don’t see what the problem is. Kraken is written in plain English and does exactly what its text says it should do, in correct order. Just because something is OP doesn’t mean it’s broken.

If the devs didn’t intend on Kraken to act this way then coincidentally it means Kraken’s text is wrong.


the problem is that kraken (and others) didn’t function this way until Unity came along.


Therefore Kraken was bugged prior to Unity and is now fixed and working as intended.


Or was working as intended previously and is now broken… the devs haven’t commented either way in the multiple threads that seem to come up every few days about kraken or EK or any other troop that follows this logic.


Even weirder when you consider that EK stuns and drains 3rd troop if 2nd slot dies and 1st survives but not vice versa.


This post seems to indicate the current behavior is a bug.


Just to clarify what I mentioned in the patch notes thread. We’re looking into this, but we have no decisions to announce at this time. Kraken’s spell is purposely worded differently because his devour is meant to trigger after damage. See:

If we come to any conclusions on this issue / make any changes to these behaviors we’ll let you all know.


What we should do is take all the difficult troops out of the game so everyone goes 5/0 in guild wars and no one is upset because no one will ever lose a battle!


I just don’t see how this would be considered a bug. As mentioned before, the “Then” in the spell wording is very telling, but even more than that, the Devour portion of Kraken is its big calling card. It would seem very unfair to remove the possibility of enjoying its immensely powerful, battle-shifting, ability just by virtue of the fact that you had already previously taken the time to lower the last troop’s health. That would just punish you for being diligent.

I wouldn’t change its current functionality.


I totally agree. Killing three troops with a single kraken cast is nothing new.