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Please fix the Kraken

I know the Kraken has been broken for quite a while and I was wondering when that will be fixed. I know he is not supposed to be able to kill two people and eat the third person. He has an invisible trait of wiping out 75% of your team.

This is working as intended. If you read the description it says does damage to last two enemies and then has a 40% chance to devour.

If the cast kills the last two enemies then the devour would be cast on the next troop.


This is true, as opposed to Emperor Khorvash, who says “do X damage to the first 2 enemies, stun them and then drain their mana”. But then the “them” only applies to the first 2 enemies if the second one survives the initial damage, otherwise the stun and drain spill over to the 3rd troop (but nothing spills over if the first troop dies, and if both of the first two die, then the spillover still only hits the 3rd troop and not the 3rd and 4th.)

Kraken I don’t really mind, since he only gets a shot at devouring a 3rd troop if the two troops that he kills with damage are so weak that they can’t take a hit.

All of these things work equally well for the player as they do for the AI, so I’m not going to get too excited about any of them, but the way Khorvash works feels more unfair to me than Kraken somehow.


Kraken is a bit vague - I suspect that the current performance is a bug, and not as intended (it’s not how it used to be) but the devs are leaving it vague as they have a long list of more serious bugs to fix.

EK is definitely a bug.


What about sylvanimora? Entangle second troop if you kill first one with 4+ skulls

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Pride hunter will silence the next in line if his spell kills the first troop with damage, too.

And bombot will apply damage from any exploded skulls to the 2nd troop if the first one dies from its spell damage.

This one would be so easy to fix if they just applied the stun and mana drain before the damage was done.

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It is decidedly not working as designed. The troop was designed for, tested, and released first on the Adobe version of PC Mobile. In this version, it could only ever devour what was in the last slot when the spell started. This is clearly the intended version of Kraken. Kill two then devour 1 did not occur until Unity rolled around and the concept of target lock went right out the window, also causing stuff like the Khorvash and Pride Hunter interactions described as well as a bunch of other issues.

Note: Sylvanimora entangling the second enemy is a longstanding interaction that deals with the order of damage from skulls and trait activations. Damage from skulls is dealt first. It was always this way, even on Adobe - knockout, for example, will never stun if the skull hit kills the target first, and if the target had stoneskin, it would respect this for the first hit. Were this “fixed”, this would mean that knockout troops would also ignore most defensive skull traits like Frozen Soul. It would also mean that a kraken trait fire killing the first troop would result in the second troop taking the full skull hit. Both interactions would have their quirks.


I have no problem with kraken until he devours Elle! When he starts devouring elle I got a problem!

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He does need an adjustment, since the third is also working in a way that I do not think was intended (dealing multiple damage when multiple 4-match occurs)

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Everyone can argue that Kraken mechanic is overkill but it does what the text states it does, you’re looking more at a nerf then a bug fix. On that note if we are nerfing anything lets tackle wisps first.

That happened to me before. I was blow away by it.

The issue isn’t the kraken but the way matches are resolved in 3.1 a cluster equals multiple matches. Multiple mana surges…that’s the issue to tackle to fix the kraken mechanics. A single Forrest troll cast can fill three krakens and deal obscene damage. I’ve done 70+ on a single cast.


We will deal with this issue just as long as we had to deal with the Justice League meta.

The card says 40% chance to devour the last enemy. Not top, not middle, not random and most definitely not next. If the last two die then that should be it. Card broken.

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Seems to me that at the time when that part of the cast resolves, the last troop in line gets devoured (or not). Something that was killed prior to that part of the cast can’t be the last enemy if the aren’t on the board any more.

May not be fun or pretty to have 3 troops taken out in a single shot, but seems legit to me based on the ability verbiage.

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