[Known Issue] Bans for Everyone?

Everyone needs to write a ticket. Not just post here. That won’t get you seen.

Hope all of our accounts will get fixed soon.


Just woke up and was able to log in :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:. I will state I was one of the first to submit a ticket yesterday. Mere hours after the devs locked up Friday night. Thank you for working quickly to fix this for everyone. I am still seeing same Flavor text on Kris Krinkle currently but I ain’t touching it again. Lol. Hopefully the unjustly banished will be back soon too, my guild is missing nearly 500,000 trophies :exploding_head:. I have no doubt in time those will be restored too, for now I’m just happy to be back on the nice list


A little holiday cheer to accompany the ludicrous happenings!

A week or so ago
I got this brand new guy,
And soon his mustached face
Was on my winning side!
He buffed up all my troops
I cast his spell a lot;
And then just now when I logged in
I’d been banned by a bot!

Oh, Krinkle bans, Krinkle bans,
“Hacking” all the way!
Oh what fun I’d like to have
But I can’t even play. (Hey!)

Krinkle bans, Krinkle bans
There is just no way
That all of us are hacking
So just reinstate today!


that’s gonna hurt Tyrion i hope your guild gets the 500k trophies back

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Kris Krinkle changes are now live. You may need to restart your game to get it.


Are you saying that the “bans” are fixed?

Troop is fixed and wont produce more bans (sure?) but banned accounts are a different story… My ticket is already sent. Fingers crossed.

reset ALL bans for 2023. those who cheated will be long gone any way

Still Banned on the PS4 :woozy_face:

bans will take some time to work through

I emphatically disagree, and believe you should edit out that advice. They should do both. Because Nimhain (tagged “Gems of War Dev”) stated the were working on this well before xxSCOUTTANKxx announced getting banned. If victims only posted tickets, nobody would know about the issue at all.


They also have a phone number.

Thanks. Remember everyone to post a ticket if you are still banned.


I got my account back! Please make a ticket.


Uhm, no.

It’s just about this current situation after Nimhain already said we need to put in tickets.

It’s not a general advice for any issues, and I never said it was.

But I’ll add a “just” to my post to make that clear, just to make everyone happy. It’s Christmas time and I’m feeling generous. :rofl:

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Got banned too, did some battles with Krinkle, and had a 3x Krinkle defense team. Got attacked in PVP over 30 times yesterday (lost most though :slight_smile: ).
Submitted a ticket, hope it will lift soon


Still banned 2h later. There must be a ton of tickets. :sweat_smile:

Adding this “just” does fix your post. Now why are you defending your previous phrasing? If people had only written tickets, we wouldn’t know it was a wide-spread issue, and if they take your (previous) advice and don’t post here on any new bans, we wouldn’t know if the issue was still on-going.

I must ask, in which world you think players need those useless treasure maps? Even if someone is hacking and get a million at once. What he can do with them? You must spend endless hours of gametime for almost nothing. You can remove this detect of treasure maps from the bot of ban. I can assure you no one need those.


ISTR it has been said by devs previously that Treasure Hunt is one of the most frequently hacked game modes…